Child benefits

Maternity benefit

What conditions do I need to meet?  Entitlement to Maternity benefit, extends to all those insured against sickness and maternity under the social security...

Paternity benefit

The father of a newborn is entitled to an uninterrupted period of 30 days-long paternity leave. Men can go on such leave anytime until the baby turns 3 mon...

Child care benefit

Childcare allowance is paid to one of the parents (adoptive parent) or guardian or one of the grandparents (grandparents have the right to receive the chil...

Child benefit

In Lithuania, every child until the age of 18 receives a monthly 70 Eur financial contribution. The term can be extended up to the age of 21. This applies ...

Lump-sum child benefit (payable for each new born child)

For each born or adopted child, regardless of the fact that the benefit has already been paid out to the child after he/she is born, a single payment in th...

Lump-sum benefit for pregnant women

A pregnant woman who is not entitled to maternity allowance under the Law on Sickness and Maternity Social Insurance is entitled to a lump sum benefit of a...

Child care benefit for those in training or education

A parent or guardian of a child is entitled to a monthly benefit equivalent to six times the basic social benefit (EUR 234) during a period of training or ...

Benefit for multiple births

In the event of multiple births, a specific benefit is payable. In the case of twins, the monthly amount is four times the basic social benefit (EUR 156) a...
Information updated: 2018-10-19
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