Driving exams

Examination services are available only for persons permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania. To take the examination, a person must have declared his/her place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania. If a foreigner has a visa in Lithuania, he/she cannot take driving exam in Lithuania.

In compliance with the Lithuanian legislation, a person shall be considered permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania if he/she normally lives in the Republic of Lithuania at least 185 days in every calendar year. A student (a foreign national or person without citizenship) who has been studying in Lithuania for at least 6 months is also considered to be a person permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania.

The theory test is taken first, and whenever it is passed the practical test follows.

Applicants for driving licenses may register for theory or practical tests online or by phone +370 700 55151. Both the theory and practice tests can be passed in any "Regitra" subdivision, irrespective of the declared place of residence.

The theory test

The theory test can be taken in Lithuanian, English or Russian languages. The test is taken using a computer program. 

To take a theory test, applicants for driving licenses must produce the following documents:

  1. Documentation substantiating your identity.
  2. Valid medical certificate confirming your state of health and psycho-physiological abilities are fit for driving a motor vehicle of a particular category.
  3. First aid training certificate.
  4. Earlier issued valid driving license, if any. If the previous driver’s license was issued abroad it needs to be officially translated into Lithuanian. If the driver’s license does not meet the requirements outlined by the Conventions on Road Traffic, an international driver’s permit must be submitted.

IMPORTANT: if your previous driver's licence was issued in the United States you have to provide an international driver's licence.

The practical test

After you pass the theory test you can register for the practical one (it needs to be passed within one year after passing the theory part). During the practical test, if you don't speak Lithuanian, you need to have an interpreter.

After passing the practical test, a driving license can be booked right away at any division of "Regitra". Driving licenses are made in a couple of days and delivered directly to your home, to self-service parcel terminals or to any branch of "Regitra". 

Road traffic rules in Lithuania are hardly different from the rules of most European countries. They are available here.

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 Source: REGITRA

Information updated: 2022-12-15

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