Studying in Lithuania (higher education)

The academic year: starts in September, ends in mid-June, is divided into spring and autumn semesters. Studies in institutions of higher education (herei...

Kindergartens (pre-school education)

How to register a child to a kindergarten? How much do the private kindergartens cost? Are there any English kindergartens?

Preschool education

What is the purpose of preschool education? Who provides preschool education and how much does it cost?

Primary and secondary schools

How to register a child for school? What documents are required? What to do if a child does not speak Lithuanian?


What is e-learning? How does it work? Who can apply? 

Educational support for returning children

Pupils who are successfully integrated into the education system − academically, emotionally and socially − are more likely to reach their potential. Howev...

Lithuanian language classes

One of the major obstacles that the new arrivals encounter is not being able to speak the language. It is quite difficult to learn the Lithuanian language; however, it is worth learning it if one..

Recognition of foreign qualifications

Which institution recognizes foreign qualifications? How long does it take? What is the cost?
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Toll-free numbers:

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