Foreign societies in Lithuania

In Lithuania, there are almost 60,000 foreigners (with residence permits). The clear majority is from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as arrivals from other EU countries. More and more foreigners from India, the United States, Turkey and other countries are coming to Lithuania. While living in Lithuania, foreign citizens unite in communities, which help them to keep in touch with the traditions of their country and other fellow countrymen residing in Lithuania. Some official communities are united in associations. There are also many informal communities. You can find more information about them on social media and on the website of the House of National Communities.

This Facebook group amasses all foreigners in Vilnius seeking to find common minds among the many expatriates in Lithuania’s largest city. This community is keen on providing useful advice for foreigners coming to and living in Vilnius, sharing information about relevant events happening in the city and organizing meet-ups or foreign cultural, national or religious celebrations. Read more

LT Buddies

Project LT Buddies connects newcomers with locals based on shared interests. Want to learn Lithuanian while teaching somebody French? Excited to show someone the best beer in town? LT buddies is a group of people and organisations united by the goal of making our cities friendlier towards newcomers. Become a buddy here.

International Women's Association of Vilnius (IWAV)

IWAV is a non-governmental and non-profit association which serves as a forum for socialising, networking and charitable giving. The association is run by volunteers who attend monthly board meetings to oversee the general business of the association. ​The language of communication at IWAV is English, though the members form a diverse group, including speakers of Lithuanian, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, etc. The IWAV offers plenty of opportunities for its members to socialise, learn or practice a skill, explore Vilnius and its surroundings, and broaden their horizons. The regular activities are such as charity events, monthly coffee mornings, monthly members socials, and walking groups, among others. Read more 

Pancake restaurant 'Pirmas blynas' 

The Pancake restaurant with a culinary and social mission 'Pirmas blynas' host regular language exchanges (Saturdays at 10.30 AM), board game evenings (Thursday evenings), science meetings (once a month), sign language lessons as well as other events for both Lithuanians and foreigners living in Vilnius. Read more

InterNations is a social media-based platform for connecting all internationals around the world. The group for expatriates in Lithuania is especially busy – counting almost 4 000 members regularly sharing their experiences and knowledgeable advice. This platform provides a network of connections and opportunities for newcomers from many different regions around the globe, helping you explore and settle in the new surroundings. Read more

The Baltic Turkish Culture Academy seeks to promote nation-wide acceptance of different cultures and people in Lithuania. Balturka promotes various cultural events happening in Lithuania and celebrating the different cultures of local minorities, organizes classes on Turkish Language and Cultures. Balturka actively seeks volunteers not only those of Turkish origin but those keen on the idea of spreading acceptance of minorities in Lithuania. Read more

In Lithuania there are various governmental and non-governmental organizations that facilitate the integration of foreigners into Lithuanian society. Training centers for migrants and various projects that facilitate easier adaptation in new conditions are being implemented. With their help, migrants are provided legal advice, job counseling, various cultural events and other activities.

Established in Vilnius (Kalvarijų g. 39) opened in spring of 2016. The center aims to create a hospitable environment for refugees, migrants and third country nationals. They are trying to provide them with all kinds of help and help meet local communities. The center organizes educational activities for children and adults, provides social, legal, psychological counseling. At the day center you can use computers, the Internet, library, attend Lithuanian, English and German language courses. The center's volunteer team helps building social relationships with local communities. Foreigners are also invited to take part in different activities: events, trainings, camps, various initiatives, etc. Read more (in Lithuanian)

(A. Smetonos g. 5) organizes cultural events, offers Lithuanian language courses, provides legal advice and facilitates the integration of foreigners into Lithuanian society. Read more

Opened in 2004 in Kaunas (Šv. Gertrūdos g. 18 A) by the Lithuanian Red Cross in order to contribute to the more effective integration of refugees in Lithuania. The main mission of this center is to help refugees become more integrated into the Lithuanian society, to solve their problems, gradually enabling refugees to become independent members of our society. From 2016 not only refugees arriving in Lithuania, but also all foreigners, are taken daily in the center. The center's social workers provide relevant information on employment, education, taxes, social security, housing, health services and other topics. Foreigners at the center can get professional legal assistance, if necessary - individual psychological counseling. Integration center doors are also open for Lithuanians. Various educational activities are organized for foreign and Lithuanian children and adults: cognitive games, creative tales, theater, art, ceramics workshops. Read more

(K. Donelaičio St. 21A) provides social, legal, psychological and vocational guidance counseling. It also organizes information events (seminars on relevant topics for migrants), Lithuanian language training and public awareness training. The purpose of these services is to fill the information gaps of third-country nationals, to facilitate the process of integration and to improve the quality of life in Lithuania. The complex of these services enables third-country nationals to feel more free, to participate more actively in the life of the host country, to get to know the city life, community, culture, traditions, engage in various activities, find a job, etc. All this has a positive impact on the adaptation and integration of third-country nationals in Lithuania. Read more

Information updated: 2020-06-28

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