Getting married abroad

Since 11th march, 1990 citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who got married abroad, must register  their marriage in Lithuania as well. 

To register a marriage, following documents must be submitted:

  1. documents certifying the identity of the person;
  2. marriage certificate issued by a foreign country’s institution; 
  3. if one of the spouses is a foreign national who is divorced/widowed, additionally must be submitted a document issued by the competent institution of his/her state, confirming his/her divorce or the death of the former spouse.

In case of divorce, the following documents have to be provided:

  1. Identity card;
  2. Certificate of divorce issued by a foreign state institution or a court decision on divorce.

Documents issued by foreign authorities (except the passport) must be legalized or certified by Apostille and translated into the Lithuanian language, except for cases where a document does not need to be legalized or apostilled under treaties of the Republic of Lithuania or EU legal acts. More information on legalization of documents. 

The documents can be submitted online, if you can identify yourself through the Internet banking systems or certify the declaration by a qualified certificate of the electronic signature. Alternatively, the documents can be submitted in person to the Lithuanian Civil Registry Office (Civilinės metrikacijos įstaiga) according to your place of residence, or, if you live abroad, to Vilnius Civil Registry Office or to a diplomatic representation of the Republic of Lithuania.

By submitting documents to the Lithuanian Civil Registry Office, based on foreign documents, you will be issued a Lithuanian equivalent to this document.

Source: Civil Registry Office

Information updated: 2019-07-04

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