Compulsory health insurance

Who is covered with compulsory health insurance in Lithuania? What is the size of compulsory health insurance?

Free psychological consultations

Consultation with a psychologist may help when you feel stuck in a situation, when unpleasant situations repeat and you don’t know why, when you feel difficulty relating to others, feel strong emotions which you cannot control.

Clinics and hospitals

What is the difference between public and private healthcare institutions?

Basic health care

What is considered as basic health care? For whom basic health care is guaranteed?

European health insurance card

What kind of medical treatment is applicable to me with EHIC? How to get a EHIC? What to do if I need medical assistance abroad? 

Can I get treatment in Lithuania if I am insured abroad?

What are the necessary documents for receiving medical treatment in other EU member state? Can I get medical care in Lithuania if I am insured in a Third country?

Medical services in English language

How to get medical care in a foreign language?

Healthcare for foreign pensioners

How can I get medical treatment if I receive pension from abroad?
Information updated: 2018-09-04

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Calling from outside Lithuania (regular rate):


Toll-free numbers:

Calling from outside Lithuania (regular rate):