Foreigners integration

One of the major obstacles that the new arrivals encounter is not being able to speak the language. It is quite difficult to learn the Lithuanian language; however, it is worth learning it if one wants to stay in Lithuania for a longer time. Several institutions organize courses in the Lithuanian language, and most them are in Vilnius.

Online classes

One can get initial knowledge of the Lithuanian language while learning on the Internet, for example, on the websites or

There is also a free and interactive tool Let’s be Friends which teaches to read, listen, understand, speak and write in Lithuanian. The course has been developed to work with a teacher who himself / herself starts a group for registered students, makes virtual appointments, communicates directly, and checks open-type tasks. 

Language courses


  • Language school „AMES“ (lessons for groups of 2-8 persons 25 Eur/45 min., lessons for 1-2 persons; 25 Eur/45 min.);
  • Centras Plius  (Lithuanian language courses for citizens from third countries);
  • Caritas (free Lithuanian language courses for citizens from third countries that were already granted a permit to reside in Lithuania);
  • Training Center iCan (mini groups - 4-6 persons., price - 6 Eur/45 min, standard groups - 7-9 persons- 5 Eur/45 min., individual courses (in person) from 18 Eur/45 min, individual courses (online) - from 16,5 Eur/45 min.)
  • „Jaunimo perspektyva“  (individual lessons; 15 Eur/45 min.);
  • Kalba.Lt (individual language courses from 24 Eur/45 min.);
  • Language and culture institute „Lingua Lituanica (lessons in groups up to 9 people; 5-6 Eur/45 min.);
  • Lingua Inn  (lessons for 4-8 persons 72 Eur/month, individual lessons 15 Eur/45 min.);
  • Egoperfectus (individual lessons 35 Eur/45 min.);
  • Language school „Lituana“ (groups of 4-8, 4 Eur/45 min.; groups of 3, 5 Eur/45 min.; group of 2, 6,50 Eur/45 min.);
  • Soros International House (groups of 5 and more 4 Eur/45 min.; individual lessons from 17,99 Eur/45 min.);
  • Užsienio kalbų mokymo centras (group lessons from 165 Eur, individual lessons from 18 Eur/45 min.);
  • Lietuvių kalba 365 (groups of 10, 4 Eur/45 min., possibility of individual lessons);
  • Neozebra (groups of 10, 5 Eur/45 min., individual courses, courses for children);
  • Vilniaus universiteto Lituanistinių studijų katedra offers Lithuanian language courses of various lengths and prices.
  • VIKC offers Lithuanian language summer courses for those who want to learn or boost their Lithuanian language (the price for the first week course is 196 Eur, (40 lessons per week: 30 lessons in class + 10 lessons out of class); the second/third/etc. week course price is 176 Eur).


  • Language school „AMES“ (individual lessons for 1 person 23-25 Eur/45 min.; 2 persons 29 Eur/45 min.);
  • Kalba.Lt (individual lessons from 23 Eur/45 min.);
  • KTU Užsienio kalbų centras (groups of 7-10, 2,75-3,50 Eur/45 min.);
  • Liežuvėlis (from 96 Eur per month);
  • Language school „Lituana“
  • Užsienio kalbų mokymo centras (individual lessons from 18 Eur/45 min.);
  • Vytautas Magnus University offers a Lithuanian language and culture summer course (registration for summer course is 30 Eur; 650 Eur for the entire summer course, which includes tuition, social programme, trips and excursions. Accommodation in a student dormitory will cost 5 Eur/night or students can arrange their own accommodation).


  • Amber Language Center  (individual lessons 16 Eur/45 min., for groups of 2-8 persons 40-hour course costs 250 Eur);
  • Eurolingvija (17-20 Eur/45 min.);
  • Kalba.Lt (individual lessons from 23 Eur/45 min.);
  • Klaipėdos universitetas (group courses – 4 Eur/45 min., summer/winter courses – 650 Eur + registration fee 30 Eur);
  • Language school „Lituana“ 
  • Language school „AMES“ (lessons for group of 2-8 persons 20 Eur/45min.,individual lessons for 1-2 persons; 20 Eur/45 min.);
  • Academy of Global Languages (third country nationals can learn Lithuanian for free; individual lessons for EU citizens – 20 Eur/45 min., group courses for 5-10 persons 4 Eur/45 min.).


  • Language school „Lituana“;
  • Kalba.Lt (individual lessons from 19 Eur/45 min.);
  • Language school „AMES“ (individual lessons for 1-2 persons; 21 Eur/45 min.);


  • Language school „AMES“ (individual lessons for 1 person; 23 Eur/ 45 min.).
  • Kalba.Lt (individual lessons from 21 Eur/45 min.);


  • (individual lessons from 20 Eur/45 min.).


  • (individual lessons from 20 Eur/45 min.).

Individual Lithuanian language courses

Lithuanian language may also be learned individually with private teachers. In addition, most universities which have international programs, offer Lithuanian language courses as well offer Lithuanian language courses for foreigners.

Language Exchange

The Pancake restaurant with a culinary and social mission 'Pirmas blynas' (Vilnius) holds a language exchange every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM. It is a good opportunity to learn and practice various languages, including Lithuanian. 

Competence voucher

It is a non-refundable grant that allows enterprises to raise the qualification and build the capacity of their employees. This grant allows employee to choose a training program (there are a number of different programs, including Lithuanian language courses). If you wish to participate at the program you should contact your HR or team leader and ask for approval. For more information please see the website of Enterprise Lithuania

Information updated: 2021-10-20

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