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“My visa expired but I cannot leave Lithuania due to cancelled flights. What should I do?”

If your period of legal residence in Lithuania expired during the declared quarantine and you were unable to depart in due time through no fault of your own, you will not be subject to the return decisions, as well as administrative liability for illegal stay. You may stay in Lithuania during the quarantine; however, you will be required to depart after it ends within the established period of toleration. You should inform the Migration Department about your inability to leave by E-mail (info@migracija.gov.lt) and indicate what actions you have taken to return to your country of residence. Read more.

“I must extend my TRP. What is the current process given quarantine?”

The Migration Department keeps providing its regular services to their clients, except for accepting requests related to the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania and live consultations at premises of the Migration Department. However, only clients who have booked visits via www.migracija.lt will be served. Clients who will arrive without prior bookings will not be served. If it is not possible to book a visit at some migration unit, clients should book visits at other closest migration units. Read more.

“I work in Lithuania with national visa and I am not insured with the compulsory health insurance (PSD). What if I get infected with the COVID-19? Will I get tested/treated for free?”

You can get tested for COVID-19 for free, as testing is considered first aid. However, for the treatment you should consult your insurance company regarding what is included in your healthcare package and your doctor.

“Will my European Health Insurance Card be enough to get treatment if I get corona virus?”

The European Health Insurance Card guarantees free first aid. However, the doctor will decide whether the required treatment can be considered as first aid or not. Read more.

“I am insured in another EU country but due to quarantine I am stuck in Lithuania. Is my insurance valid here?”

Cross-border healthcare establishes the right for EU patients to access healthcare in any other EU country (including Lithuania) and to seek reimbursement in the country where they are insured for any expenses incurred during healthcare provision. Compensation shall be paid out by the competent authority of the country where you are insured. We recommend you consult the responsible healthcare institution in the country where you are insured about the reimbursement procedures and required documents before you get treated. Read more.

“After arriving to Lithuania, must I spend 2 weeks in isolation?”

Yes. All travelers returning from foreign trips are ordered to self-isolate for 14 days. Self-isolation means that is forbidden to leave the place of self-isolation, visit any public spaces, and have guests at your home/ place of self-isolation. Health authorities strongly recommend that all people, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, stay home if possible.

“I lost my job because of the quarantine. Can I get some financial help?”

If you have been insured by unemployment insurance for at least 12 months in the last 30 months you should address the Employment service and apply for unemployment benefit. Read more.

If you do not meet the criteria for unemployment benefit and have no income you can apply for social allowances/social services at the municipality where you are registered as resident. Social allowance can be granted to permanent residence permit holders, EU citizens and their family members who hold a residence permit in Lithuania, and who have been living here for at least 3 months (the latter is not applied if they are employed) and persons who have been granted with asylum, except if they already are getting a financial aid for integration. Read more.

If your situation is really difficult, there are organizations that can provide you with food/shelter. The most active ones are CARITAS Lithuania, Maltesers (the Order of Malta Relief Organization), Lithuanian Samaritans organisation, Lithuanian Red Cross Society, Save the Children, among others.

“What should I do if I start feeling the symptoms of the corona virus?”

If you feel the symptoms of the COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, other symptoms of a regular cold) do not go to the doctor or a hospital but consult the COVID-19 hotline (1808 or +370 (37) 367 963, free-of charge) first.

“What does quarantine mean? Can I, for example, go with my kid to a park?”

The quarantine regime imposes certain restrictions meant to minimize the spread of the virus in Lithuania. Working from home is the preferred way when possible, restaurants and bars are closed, public gatherings and events are restricted. It is requested to visit parks and other open public spaces in groups not bigger than 2 persons (except for the members of the same family), keep safe distance (larger than 2 meters), and follow all hygiene recommendations. In public spaces it is also recommended to wear a protective mask, respirator or other protection covering nose and mouth.

“Where can I find more information about the current situation regarding the corona virus and quarantine in Lithuania?”

Latest news about the situation can be found on the websites of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health, The Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Lithuanian National Broadcaster.


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