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Panevėžys City Municipality has launched a project “Global Panevėžys” and decided to reallocate municipality’s reception area in accordance to the needs of those returning from abroad. Reception desks number 9 and 10 will now be used to provide information for ones coming back from abroad and relocating to Panevėžys.

“More and more former residents of Panevėžys are coming back to their hometown. After having spent a significant time abroad, upon return, one has to deal with and take into account a number of different questions. Thus, it is essential to ensure high quality consultations. Consultations will be provided on the basis of Single Point of Contact structure where former emigrants will have an opportunity to enquire on various sorts of subjects in a single focal point”, - says Deputy Mayor of Panevėžys Aleksas Varna.

Reception desks will provide information regarding declaration of the place of residence, education, social and other topics – services of department of Social Affairs, application procedure and working hours, financial support, social benefits (for children, target compensations and etc.), conditions for school children financial support, required documents and etc. One will also be able to provide residence declarations, arrange declaration documents (upon coming to or leaving Lithuania), receive documents certifying one’s place of residence, check on the documents regarding temporary residence of foreigners and etc. In addition, reception desks will provide information on formal, informal and professional education.

In the reception area one will also find pamphlets made by Migration Information Centre, “I Choose Lithuania” filled with essential information regarding foreigners in Lithuania, child care related social benefits, marrying a foreign citizen and etc.

”Global Panevėžys” – is a project designed to bring together widely dispersed community of Panevėžys. It’s main goal is to broaden region’s boundaries integrating those who left and providing an opportunity to join ranks in creating greater economic welfare of the city.

More information - www.globalus.panevezys.lt.


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Information updated: 2018-10-17

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