Lithuania approved a list of the most in-demand jobs News

The government approved a list of those professions that require high qualifications and workers that the country is currently most lacking. This list of professions will also improve the employability of people from third countries in Lithuania.

The list of occupations will be used to grant a temporary residence permit to an alien who intends to work a high-skilled professional job when the employer intends to employ him/her for no less than one year. Also, the employer will have to pay the foreigner no less than 1.5 of the average monthly wage payment. If the high-skilled occupations is not on the aforementioned list, the Lithuania employer will have to pay the employee a wage that is no less than 3 average monthly wage payments.

It is expected that the number of professionals that will be arriving in Lithuania will reach 200-300 persons per year.

Professions that require high professional qualifications and a lack of staff in the Republic of Lithuania list:

1. The production organization engineer
2. Printing technologist
3. Device maintenance engineer
4. Sewing technologist
5. Production Engineer
6. Aviation Engineer
7. Aviation mechanical equipment engineer
8. Mechanical Engineer
9. Constructor
10. Food and beverage technologist
11. Avionics Engineer
12. Graphic designer
13. Computer systems analyst
14. Business Information Technology Consultant
15. Consultant in computer system issues
16. Computer systems designer
17. Computer applications engineer
18. Computer software developer
19. Programmer
20. Engineer programmer
21. Software tester
22. Database Administrator
23. Information Technology Systems Administrator
24. Computer Systems Administrator
25. Network Analyst
26. Information technology and communications security specialist
27. Aviation technician

The full Government resolution and an official Ministry of Economy press release (both in Lithuanian).


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