Recognition of foreign qualifications

The individuals who have acquired a certain level of education and/or are holders of foreign qualifications willing to study at Lithuanian institutions of higher education (hereinafter referred to as IHE) may contact the appropriate institutions regarding assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications.

  1. Holders of a foreign secondary education certificate willing to study at Lithuanian IHE are required to contact the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (hereinafter referred to as CQAHE) regarding diploma recognition.
  2. Institutions of higher education authorized by the Ministry for Education, Science, and Sport to perform an assessment - Vilnius University, Vilnius Tech University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas University of Technology, University of Management and Economics (ISM), Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, Mykolas Romeris University, LCC International University, Klaipeda University - for those planning to study in aforementioned institutions.
  3. Holders of foreign higher education certificates are required to contact CQAHE regarding academic recognition of qualifications to have their Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma assessed, or the Research Council of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as RCL) to have the diploma certifying a foreign doctoral degree in science (art) assessed.

The RCL conducts an evaluation of doctoral degrees in science (art) acquired abroad and issues a certificate whereby the qualification acquired abroad is recognized (or not recognized) to be equivalent to the doctoral degree in science (art) granted in the Republic of Lithuania.

General documentation requirements when applying for recognition to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education can be found here.

The recognition of the education/qualification acquired abroad shall be completed within a month from the submission of all documents and is free of charge.

Professional qualifications recognition

There are two types of professional qualifications recognition:

  1. When the profession is regulated and the decision on suitability for the profession is adopted by designated competent authorities;
  2. When the profession is unregulated and the decision on compliance is adopted by the employer.

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Information updated: 2024-01-11

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