Alytus City Municipality

Total population: 50,421

In 2018: Entered: 1,175, Left: 2,065, Net (change): -890

Unemployment level (02/2019): 10.7%
VDU (2018 Q3) (after tax): EUR 655

Average apartment price per 1m2 (03/2019): EUR 575

LFMI (2019) Municipal Performance Index: 5 (out of 6 major municipalities)

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  • The City of Alytus actively seeks to involve not only local communities in the city life and decision-making, but also to stay in touch with the Alytus residents living abroad through the ‘World Alytus Community’ (every year Alytus residents from all over the world are invited to the city festival and World Alytus Residents Gathering).
  • Two ideas were offered during the 2018 gathering: 1. Build a World Alytus Residents Alley (59 trees from 9 countries already grow). 2: Darius Mileris-Nojus’s concerts in microregions ‘Skambantis Miestas’ 
  • As of 2015, large families in Alytus can get a discount with the Alytus – viena šeima’ loyalty card. These cards have already been handed out to 324 large families who are eligible for various discounts at 46 businesses or institutions in Alytus. As of 2017, another card ‘Alytaus senjoras’ is also distributed to senior residents in the city. Discounts are available for cultural, sports and art events. It is used by 1605 senior citizens. 
  • Alytus has the first Lithuanian integration centre for children in Lithuania ‘Lietuvybės Centras, seeking to facilitate the integration of returning or coming children, teach them Lithuanian and acquaint them with Lithuanian history and culture. 
  • Initiatives by Alytiškiai Residents’. The residents of Alytus can decide for themselves what the city needs. Anyone over the age of 16 who has declared their place of residence in the city can submit ideas and vote.


Expected shortages of workers in 2019

  • Upholsterers and related workers 
  • Specialist medical practitioners
  • Metal working machine tool setters and operators
  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters
  • Insulation workers

Professions with the highest demand in the municipality


  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Administrative and executive secretaries
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Stock clerks


  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers
  • Cooks
  • Shop sales assistants
  • Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Plumbers and pipe fitters

For more information about the most and least demanded professions in the municipality, please see the Occupations Map

Average salary in Lithuanian companies

The Sodra website publishes data on average salary paid by companies and compares the average salary of one company with that of other companies engaged in the same economic activity or operating in the same municipality.

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Companies with the highest number of employees

  • Alytus County S. Kudirka Hospital
  • Snaigė, AB
  • Alkesta, UAB
  • Haltex, UAB
  • Sofa Bands, UAB
  • S-Form, UAB
  • Alytus Polyclinic
  • Celsis, UAB
  • Parama, UAB
  • Stora Enso Lietuva, UAB

Employment Services

The Employment Service assists individuals in their employment by appointing an individual specialist to draw up employment operating plans, provide refresher courses, and send individuals to complete vocational training programs; individuals under the age of 29 are offered the programme ‘Discover Yourself’ and may also be eligible for start-up support; a subsidy service is provided to older people (where the state covers part of the salary paid by the employer).

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Employment Services Support for Mobility

Mobility support is the opportunity to receive travel reimbursement when travelling to work in another city. Travel expenses are reimbursed for up to 3 months from the start of employment or participation. The amount of compensation ranges between 25% and 33% of the minimum monthly amount (depending on salary). 

Distances to nearest cities: 
Prienai: ~30 KM 
Varėna: ~40 KM 
Marijampolė: ~50 KM

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The first regional career centre in Lithuania Karjeras

Alytus City Municipality, the Employment Service and the Department of Youth Affairs establish the first regional career centre in Lithuania Karjeras, which will operate on the premises of Alytus Youth Work Centre.

Karjeras will encourage young people to pay more attention to their career path and profession. At Karjeras, young people from the age of 14 will receive professional vocational guidance and opportunities to ‘try out the profession’, become involved in volunteering, with the help of school career counsellors, employees of the Youth Job Centre, psychologists and socially responsible entrepreneurs.

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SME support

1. Up to EUR 350 are allocated for the compensation of documented start-up costs. Initial start-up costs include: notary fee, salary to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, payment for the services of preparation of the registration documents (these costs can be reimbursed up to EUR 100 and occupational safety and fire safety training costs up to 250 EUR).

2. Partial reimbursement of costs related to the preparation of a business plan, an investment project and application for financial support (up to EUR 1,000, up to 100% of documented costs incurred).
3. Partial compensation on loan interest of up to 50% of incurred and documented business loan interest expenses, up to a maximum of EUR 1,500.
4. Partial financing of real estate rental costs for start-up entrepreneurs (first year of operation) of up to 50% of all documented costs up to a maximum of EUR 3,000.
5. Having received state financial support for the implementation of local employment initiative projects (projects administered by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange) of EUR 100 for the creation of one job, except for the manager’s job.
6. Education, research or incubator services for an enterprise, where the enterprise is expanding its activities and needs equipment rental, lecturer or mentoring services, or when the enterprise is developing a prototype:
6.1. up to 50% of the value of the services rendered when the enterprise expands or continues its business activities;
6.2. up to 100% of the value of the services rendered when the enterprise develops a prototype.

7. Newly created websites, online gadgets, online shops or similar types of electronic installation services for partial reimbursement of costs - up to 80 percent of all documented expenses, but not more than 1 thousand. euros.

8.Up to 80% of the costs of accounting services for start-ups (first year of operation), but not more than EUR 500, shall be allocated to the incurred and documented costs.

9. Partial reimbursement of start-up costs for start-up entrepreneurs (first year of operation) - EUR 300 per job creation, but not more than EUR 1,200 per business entity.

10. Co-financing of business premises repair works, including communication renewal (connection) costs for start-up entrepreneurs (first year of operation) - up to 50%. all documented costs, but not more than EUR 1 000.

Contact: Alytus City Municipality; Rotušės a. 4, LT-62504, Alytus;  Chief Specialist of Asset Management and Business Division Kristina Samasionokaitė, tel. 8 315 55 141,

Alytus Industrial Park

Alytus Industrial Park provides conditions for investing and starting or developing a business. Investors in the Industrial Park enjoy long-term tax incentives, Industrial Park infrastructure, and qualified labour. Alytus Industrial Park is located in the city’s industrial area, 2 km from the city centre. As of today, the Industrial Park has created 107 jobs and invested EUR 15.4 million. See the link for more information on the Park. Read more.

Co-working Space Spiečius

Spiečius is a non-traditional business development space adapted for SMEs operating for up to 5 years to collaborate with each other and expand. Spiečius focuses on businesses in the digital and creative industries. At Šiauliai Spiečius space, entrepreneurs are provided with free computerised workstations with equipment, digital, creative industry development, social business consulting, practical mentoring sessions, business education training and other business promotion and development initiatives. Read more

For those considering investing in the region, see Invest in Lithuania Alytus overview.

For more information on the business services provided in Alytus City, see the municipality website.


General level of education

Average number of pupils in a class:

  • Grades 1–4  21 pupils
  • Grades 5–8  22 pupils
  • Grades 9–12, gymnasium grades I–IV  26 pupils

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SME indicators above national average:

  • IT
  • Lithuanian
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Foreign languages
  • Biology

Percentage of teachers holding highest qualification: 60 %

Percentage of pupils feeling good at school: 55 %

Olympiad prize winners per 10,000 pupils: 9.5

Proportion of pupils who passed the state maturity examinations:

  • 3 and more SMEs: 70 %
  • at least one SME: 91 %

Ministry of Education and Science Quality Map

A map prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science showing the differences in educational achievements among different municipalities. The map shows pupils’ achievements in the Lithuanian language and mathematics, as well as the average number of pupils in a classroom, statistics on the general situation in Lithuania.

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Information on admission to kindergartens

Information on available places in the kindergartens of your choice and gives you the opportunity to apply for admission to the kindergarten.

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Information on admission to kindergartens and schools

Examples of application forms for admission to kindergartens, preschool and general education institutions and contacts of all Alytus educational institutions.

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Lithuanian Centre ‘Lietuvybės Centras’ of Alytus Likiškėlės Primary School

The Lithuanian Centre at this school runs a programme aimed at enriching children’s national identity and mother tongue and facilitating the integration of children returning from emigration. Along with cultural education, the centre provides assistance in learning the Lithuanian language according to the needs of each child.

Social services

Subsidy for First Home in the Region

Young families in Alytus can apply for housing support. The following subsidies are offered to young families: 15% with no children; 20% with one child; 25% with two children; 30% for families with 3 or more children. A young family is one where both spouses or single father or mother are up to 35 years old. 

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Social services provided by the municipality

The link contains the municipal social services and support. Services include access to child benefits, social benefits, support for school meals or supplies, public service discounts, and more.

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Complex family services

Complex family services are a variety of services designed to solve family problems or facilitate the daily life of families. Although each municipality chooses which services are provided within its territory, the services generally include psychosocial assistance, childcare, family financial planning and management training, family camp organisation, mediation, etc.

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Alytus Card for Large Families

Loyalty card for families with three or more children. The card is issued for one year and can be extended year after year until the children of the family has reached the age of 18 and continued until the young people are in school or study, up to the age of 26. The card offers a discount on various services, entertainment and merchandise such as sports clubs, cafes, puppet theatre, books and more.

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Free Legal Aid

Free legal advice, where you can get help and advice on drafting documents, obtaining out-of-court settlements, drafting arrangements with creditors, and more.

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Useful initiatives

Labas, grįžau

‘Labas, grįžau’ is a greeting used by people who haven’t seen each other for a while and met again in their home town. Some define this day in their calendar as the start of a new phase.

Multimedia narrative ‘Sugrįžę’ is a story about people who have returned to their native land from abroad or major Lithuanian cities. These are unique stories that combine different mediums: text, image, sound, revealing the motives for choosing to return, and the creation of a new life at home. ‘Sugrįžę’ is like a close look, allowing one to see that success in simple everyday things, responsibility for yourself and those around you, encourages one to look critically but positively at one’s home, however small.

City Alumni

This is a social platform designed to bring together people from the same city, town or region to work together for their hometown. Its purpose is to connect people who have left their city, but are not indifferent to it, with their native community, and to encourage them to interact, create and work together.

World Alytus Residents Community

It is a community that seeks to bring together, keep in touch with, and engage with city residents living elsewhere.

Do you know or have an initiative or service that would benefit returning Lithuanians, incoming foreigners or compatriots living abroad? Let us know!



For active leisure:

  • Alytus Sports and Recreation Centre. The only multifunctional entertainment and sports complex in Lithuania that includes a gym complex under one roof and a 50 m long eight-track swimming pool that meets international requirements. 
  • Adventure Park Tarzanija The Park, located on the picturesque bank of the River Nemunas, offers fun activities on 7 tree-top routes of different difficulty (including a route for 3 to 7 year-olds), experiencing free fall in the Scarp of Death, rope rafting across Nemunas or trying to catch in the crazy hills, taking a raft around Nemunas. There is also karting, a stud farm, an ice skating arena (in winter), a shooting range, a mobile sauna and a pizzeria. 
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Watersports Park Vivi Wake
  • Alytus Aeroclub. Club services include: aerobatic flights, sightseeing flights, sightseeing gliding, and pilot training. 
  • Water Trampoline Park
  • Tennis Court

  • Alytus Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Centre
  • The two sports halls and the swimming pool, which are part of the Centre’s sports complex, are ideal places to practice different sports. Not only athletes, but also Alytus and city guests can train in the sports complex of the Centre: they can enjoy sports, swimming pool, sauna and underwater currents at a time of their choice. 
  • Trampoline space Jump4fun
  • Kayak Rental

            o A. and L. Bagdanavičiai
            o Dzūkijos Vandenis
            o G. Tacionis
            o Srautas 
            o S. Guzevičius 
            o Brolių Baidarės 
            o Dzūkijos Vingis

  • Daugų Rowing Base. The Base is established in Alytus District., on the bank of Lake Didžiulis (Daugai). The two-storey guest house has living rooms and a sauna. 
  • Paintball, Airsoft, Shooting:

            o LT Imperator 
            o ExZone
            o Airsoft

            o Nemunaitis Airmen’s Club 
            o Airmen’s Club Audenis 
            o Pocelonys Airmen’s Club

            o Revų Stud Farm
            o Ruminos Žirgai
            o Free Day 

Relaxed leisure:

            o Billiards Club 9
            o Bowling and Billiards Juoda Katė 

            o VRoom
            o VR
            o VRHouse 

  • Beaches:

            o Lake Didžiojo Dailidės Beach
            o Lake Mažojo Dailidės Beach
            o Daugų Rowing Beach
            o Daugai Technology and Business School Beach
            o Pivašiūnai Lake Ilgis Beach
            o Beach in Simnas near Lake Gilutis 

  • Gardens, Parks:

            o City Garden
            o Resort Park
            o Youth Park
            o Likiškės Park 
            o Old Town Square

Things to see: 
Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. It is the largest wetland in Lithuania with all types of marshes and a shallow lake. Nearby is the Bukta forest, famous for its hornbills, the smaller sister of Žuvinto Palios swamp Amalva and Lake Amalvas, and the nearby Žaltytis. All these different but closely related nature complexes are now protected in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. 
Punia. A place of unique history where the Nemunas Loops Regional Park begins. In the town next to the church there is a lounge with benches and a parking lot. At the foot of the mound there are places for recreation. Mound Punia is one of the largest and most beautiful in Lithuania. It is said that the castle of Duke Margiris, called Pilėnai, stood on Mound Punia. In 1336, the famous Battle of Pilėnai took place here.

For more information see Alytus Tourist Information Centre

Information updated: 2020-11-08
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