Kaunas City Municipality

Total population: 286,763

In 2018: Entered: 8,698, Left: 9,232, Net (change): -534

Unemployment level (02/2019): 9.1%
VDU (2018 Q3) (after tax): EUR 744

Average apartment price per 1m2 (03/2019): EUR 1,195

LFMI (2019) Municipal Performance Index: 4 (out of 6 city municipalities)

Alytus District MunicipalityKaunas District MunicipalityKlaipėda District MunicipalityPanevėžys District MunicipalityŠiauliai District MunicipalityVilnius District Municipality

Kaunas City Municipality ranks high in the fields of transport, education and administration. It is noted that although the municipality lags behind the average of the major municipalities in terms of foreign direct investment per capita, the growth in this area was one of the highest.

  • The city has ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’, i.e. a programme developed by Kaunas City Municipality and funded by the municipality, which invites non-governmental organisations and city communities to contribute to solving Kaunas City problems by proposing initiatives and submitting applications. Under this programme, the city does not fund organisations, but rather activities according to submitted projects that address current issues and are focused on clear results. Every citizen can join the community activities in his area, express his concerns and solve problems with the help of Kaunas City Municipality.
  • Three institutions provide or will provide access to international education (through the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB): Jesuit Gymnasium, J. Jablonskis Gymnasium (from 2020, but preparatory classes are completed this year) and J. Dobkevičius Progymnasium (from 2020). 
  • Kaunas FEZ has recently been attracting an increasing number of international investors (Hella, Continental and Hollister attracted over the past year plan to create hundreds of new jobs). Currently, 32 Lithuanian and foreign companies are operating in the FEZ territory and almost 5,000 jobs have been created. Activities of Kaunas FEZ: Industrial process automation, warehousing and logistics, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, insulating board manufacturing, automatic garage door manufacturing, wholesale food supplement manufacturing, single crystal sapphire growing and plate manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, fish processing.


Expected shortages of workers in 2019

  • Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials
  • Upholsterers and related workers
  • Bus and tram drivers
  • Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers 
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Insurance representatives

Professions with the highest demand in the municipality


  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Secondary education teachers
  • Stock clerks
  • Administrative and executive secretaries
  • Social work associate professionals


  • Shop sales assistants
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Cooks
  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers
  • Plumbers and pipe fitters

For more information about the most and least demanded professions in the municipality, please see the Occupations Map

Average salary in Lithuanian companies

The Sodra website publishes data on average salary paid by companies and compares the average salary of one company with that of other companies engaged in the same economic activity or operating in the same municipality.

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Companies and institutions with the highest number of employees in the municipality

  • Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics
  • SE State Forest Enterprise
  • Kesko Senukai Lithuania, UAB
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • SE Kelių Priežiūra
  • Kaunas University of Technology
  • Public Institution Kaunas Clinical Hospital
  • Public Institution Kaunas City Polyclinic
  • Republican Kaunas Hospital
  • Nemuno Vaistinė, UAB

Employment Services

The Employment Service assists individuals in their employment by appointing an individual specialist to draw up employment operating plans, provide refresher courses, and send individuals to complete vocational training programs; individuals under the age of 29 are offered the programme ‘Discover Yourself’ and may also be eligible for start-up support; a subsidy service is provided to older people (where the state covers part of the salary paid by the employer).

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Employment Services Support for Mobility

Mobility support is the opportunity to receive travel reimbursement when travelling to work in another city. Travel expenses are reimbursed for up to 3 months from the start of employment or participation. The amount of compensation ranges between 25% and 33% of the minimum monthly amount (depending on salary). 

Distances to nearest cities: 
Kėdainiai: ~60 KM 
Marijampolė: ~62 KM 
Jonava: ~35 KM

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Youth Business Promotion Programme Kaunas Start-ups

The main goal of the programme is to create favourable conditions for young people to develop innovative businesses, to promote the creation of business ideas and to contribute to their implementation in Kaunas City. Kaunas City Municipality grants a subsidy for the development of a business idea (to create or significantly improve an already developed innovative prototype).

For: Natural persons under the age of 29 who declare their place of residence in Kaunas or micro-enterprises (owner or one of the shareholders must be under 29 years of age) having their head office in Kaunas and their main activity is to develop, produce or distribute solutions to foster innovative, socially responsible business.

Contact: Chief Specialists of the Development Programmes and Investment Division of Kaunas City Municipality Administration (Laisvės al. 96, LT-44250, Kaunas) Vitalija Romanovienė (tel. (8 37) 42 46 30, email vitalija.romanoviene@kaunas.lt) or Ernest aRatkelienė (tel. (8 37) 42 56 26, e-mail: ernesta.ratkeliene@kaunas.lt). 

The information has been prepared according to the material provided by Enterprise Lithuania

Kaunas City Municipality

Useful information for business start-ups include sample business start-up documents, information on licenses, permits, business certificates and finances and taxes, as well as a list of free services provided by the authorities.

Kaunas Free Economic Zone

Kaunas Free Economic Zone is an industrial development area occupying 534 ha, offering land plots with fully equipped infrastructure. Since the establishment of the first investor in 2005, LTL 634 million has been attracted to Kaunas FEZ. Of this amount, 70% is foreign direct investment. Currently, 32 Lithuanian and foreign companies are operating in the FEZ territory and almost 5,000 jobs have been created.

Activities of Kaunas FEZ: Industrial process automation, warehousing and logistics, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, insulating board manufacturing, automatic garage door manufacturing, wholesale food supplement manufacturing, single crystal sapphire growing and plate manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, fish processing.

Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Kaunas STP)

Kaunas STP is a place for innovative business development. It currently has 90 enterprises in the fields of information technology, engineering, health medicine, social innovation, future energy, and sustainable chemistry operating. Kaunas STP helps start-ups and existing technology companies to increase their international competitiveness. The companies are advised on business development issues, provided with innovation support services, thus creating an innovative business community. By participating in the development of the integrated Santaka Science, Studies and Business Valley, Kaunas STP encourages cooperation between science and business. The Park is also involved in the transfer of scientific knowledge to business at Kaunas University of Technology, Vytautas Magnus University, and is a partner in international projects promoting entrepreneurship.

KTU Start-Up Space

It is an academic youth entrepreneurship centre based on a free space for collaboration. Innovative youth businesses, mainly in the IT field, are established and co-operating in this centre.

Kaunas IN

The purpose of Kaunas IN is to promote urban business development, tourism development and international marketing, and to create favourable conditions for these activities in Kaunas. The activities of Kaunas IN include attracting international investments to the city, promoting and supporting business, increasing the attractiveness of Kaunas to investors and developing inbound and local tourism. The company also aims to improve the image of Kaunas City and develop the economic attractiveness of the city.

For those considering investing in the region, see Invest in Lithuania Kaunas overview.


General level of education

Average number of pupils in a class:

  • Grades 1–4  23 pupils
  • Grades 5-8  25 pupils
  • Grades 9–12, gymnasium grades I–IV  25 pupils

More on general education level

SME indicators above national average:

  • Lithuanian
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign languages
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • IT

Percentage of teachers holding highest qualification: 55 %

Percentage of pupils feeling good at school: 58 %

Olympiad prize winners per 10,000 pupils: 

Proportion of pupils who passed the state maturity examinations:

  • 3 and more SMEs 55 %
  • at least one SME 81 %

Ministry of Education and Science Quality Map

A map prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science showing the differences in educational achievements among different municipalities. The map shows pupils’ achievements in the Lithuanian language and mathematics, as well as the average number of pupils in a classroom, statistics on the general situation in Lithuania.

The map can be found here

Information on kindergartens

Here you will be able to order your pre-school admissions service online and find information on the various benefits and compensations associated with pre-school education.

Information on kindergartens

Map of Available Spaces in Kindergartens

In the link below you can find all kindergartens, nurseries and pre-school institutions in Kaunas. Once you have selected an institution, you will be presented with its website, contacts and the number of places available.

The map can be found here

Information on schools

By clicking on the link you will be able to enrol your child in school and find useful information on pupil admission.

School map

The link provides a list of all comprehensive education institutions in Kaunas (preschool, elementary schools, progymnasiums and gymnasiums (excluding grades 11, 12)).

Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium

The school has preparatory and international baccalaureate education programmes, which are conducted in English. Preparatory (pre-IB) group is for the students of the 1st gymnasium grade (grade 9), with 10–15 young individuals from Lithuania or abroad admitted via competition. The International Baccalaureate Programme is designed for pupils in grades III–IV.

Kaunas Aleksandr Puskin Gymnasium

Education is organised in 2 languages ​​(Russian and Lithuanian). The language of instruction is Russian, but textbooks used are in the state language, with subject terms translated and work with pupils conducted in Lithuanian in individual cases.

Kaunas Jurgis Dobkevičius Progymnasium

The school provides high-quality comprehensive, primary phase I education. From 1st grade English language lessons are available as the 1st foreign language. From grade 5, pupils can choose between French and German. As part of a tripartite agreement, the school runs an integrated EMILE French language and subject learning programme from grade 5 onwards, with pupils having the opportunity to learn a second language from grade 5 onwards. The French language teaching method EMILE has been positively evaluated by experts from the Ministry of Education and Science, the French Embassy and experts from abroad. From 2020, international education (international baccalaureate) will be provided.

Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium

In 2018, a bilingual learning class was launched in the gymnasium, where academic subjects are taught in English; pupils have the opportunity to learn other languages ​​as well: to continue learning German, Russian or to take an integrated course in both German and their subject; one can start learning Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Hebrew. The school runs eTwinning, Comenius projects, Erasmus+, Flex, ASSIST exchange programmes. Bilingual learning class is for grade 9–10 pupils (gymnasium grades I–II); as of 2020, grade 11–12 students will be able to continue their education in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

Map of Kaunas City Youth Organisations

In the link below you can find all youth organisations in Kaunas. Once you have selected the institution of your choice, you will see its website and contact details if you would like to contact the institution directly.

Social services

Social services provided by the municipality

The link contains the municipal social services and support. Services include access to child benefits, lump-sum benefits, support for school meals or supplies, public service discounts, and more.

Psychological Support and Counselling Centre

A centre that provides a variety of social services or assistance, such as transportation, mediation or representation in institutions, home help for the elderly, day care, essentials and complex family services.

Complex family services offered by the Family Support Centre Darnūs Namai

Complex family services are a variety of services designed to solve family problems or facilitate the daily life of families. Although each municipality chooses which services are provided within its territory, the services generally include psychosocial assistance, childcare, family financial planning and management training, family camp organisation, mediation, etc.

Support Provided by the Municipality

Refer to the link for descriptions of the municipal support.

Service Map

Map of services provided by NGOs in Kaunas City Municipality. Once you have selected the institution of your choice, you will see its website and contact details if you would like to contact the institution directly.

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Free Legal Aid

Free legal advice, where you can get help and advice on drafting documents, obtaining out-of-court settlements, drafting arrangements with creditors, and more.

Useful initiatives

City Alumni

City Alumni is a social platform designed to bring together people from the same city, town or region to work together for their hometown. Its purpose is to connect people who have left their city, but are not indifferent to it, with their native community, and to encourage them to interact, create and work together.

Integration of Children of Expats

The aim of the public institution Smalsūs Šnekučiai is to bring together children who have come back from abroad to spend their time in a fun and productive way, without forgetting the Lithuanian language education tasks. Families with children returning to Kaunas for a short period of time are also welcome at the children’s afternoon meetings. The aim is for children to spend time productively and to build their confidence. Afternoon activities for children are organised by age.

Kaunas Refugee and Migrant Integration Centre InLT

The main mission of the centre is to help refugees to integrate into Lithuanian society more easily, to jointly solve problems, gradually enabling refugees to become independent members of our society. As of 2016, not only refugees arriving in Lithuania but also all foreigners are welcomed in the centre on a daily basis. The centre provides up-to-date information on employment, education, taxation, social security, housing, health services and more. Foreigners can receive professional legal assistance from the centre and individual psychologist counselling, if needed. The doors of integration centres are open to Lithuanians as well. They host educational activities for foreign and Lithuanian children and adults: various educational games, creative workshops of fairy tales, theatre, art, and ceramics.

Do you know or have an initiative or service that would benefit returning Lithuanians, incoming foreigners or compatriots living abroad? Let us know!


For active leisure:

Horse riding:

Outdoor Tennis:

Expedicija.lt. Kayak rentals, bike rides, adventure orienteering, rope rides, paintball and other adventure activities. Archery and Pneumatic Weapons


Waterboard park

Kayak rental

Water Routes in Kaunas District

Motorboat Sports Club Santauras




Archery and Pneumatic Weapons


Skeet Shooting

Club for the Active ‘Ka-Ringas’. Active leisure activities: electronic weapon battle with friends (other ‘Laser Space’), laser game, remotely controlled tank battle.


Nemuno Žiedas. Nemuno Žiedas is a complex of technical sports, where cars, motorcycles and bicycles are constantly training or competing.

Sports Equipment Rental:

City Bee - vehicles rental

Pagonija Amusement Park. Pagonija Park offers climbing Pagonija Rock, playing tennis, beach volleyball, trying out the dirt track, climbing beer boxes, enjoying a sauna, staying overnight in tents in an enclosed area surrounded by forests.

Relaxed leisure:

Escape Rooms
Bowling and Billiards:


Kaunas State Philharmonic
Cinema Romuva

Things to see:

Vytautas the Great War Museum. Constantly updated expositions and exhibitions will give you an insight into Lithuanian and world warfare from ancient times, capturing the most important events in history.
M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art. The M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, established in 1921, is one of the oldest and largest art museums in Lithuania. It is the only place in the world where the creative heritage of the most famous Lithuanian artist, composer, literary and public figure M. K. Čiurlionis (1875–1911) has been accumulated.
Kaunas Castle. The castle at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Neris was built in the 14th century to defend from the Crusader attacks. It is not only the oldest stone castle in Lithuania, but also the only one with two rows of defensive walls. This Gothic defensive structure was surrounded by a settlement that grew into the present city. 
Dungeons of Kaunas. A unique tour around the underground city.
Raudondvaris Manor Castle. The castle has distinct traces of the activities of the last rulers of the manor, the Tiškevičiai family. Today, this castle is equipped with halls for representation events, concerts, celebrations, marriages, and the northern part of the castle houses the Kaunas District Museum. 
Juniper Valley. Botanical reserve on the outskirts of Arlaviškės Village, on the steep slope of the Nemunas loop, is overgrown with junipers. It is an endogenous slope of Kaunas Lagoon overgrown with junipers. The Juniper Valley belongs to Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park. It is a national monument of national importance.

For more information see Visit Kaunas website

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