Panevėžys City Municipality

Population: 87,148
In 2018: Entered: 1,968, Left: 3,068, Net (change): -1,100

Unemployment level (02/2019): 7.8%

VDU (2018 Q3) (after tax): EUR 693
Average apartment price per 1m2 (03/2019): EUR 761

LFMI Municipal Performance Index: 6 (out of 6 city municipalities)

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About Panevėžys

The centre of the region, the capital of Aukštaitija, the strategic logistics hub, the country’s high-tech and industrial centre attractive for business and investments, and compact and attractive for young families.

Educational institutions focus greatly on the development of Panevėžys strategic direction, i.e. robotics, starting from pre-school education. Panevėžys is unique in that robotics specialists are trained here. Panevėžys City Municipality is implementing a youth vocational guidance project, where senior students are encouraged to choose the professions needed by companies, while young pupils visit companies, get acquainted with their job specifics and perspectives.

Panevėžys pays great attention to the renovation and improvement of sports infrastructure: the construction and repair of courts, the fixing of the artificial football pitch with lighting and grandstands, suitable for the hosting of high-level competitions; sports enthusiasts can spend their time on street gymnastics, extreme sports, and in winter—an indoor ice skating arena. In 2020, Panevėžys will have a 50 meter 10-lane swimming pool complex, a spa recreation area.

Panevėžys City Municipality reception provides information on the first steps Panevėžys residents should take upon returning to live in Lithuania. In a one-stop principle, Panevėžys residents can declare their place of residence, receive all information about educational institutions, social benefits and allowances.

Planning to return to Panevėžys Municipality? Join the Global Panevezys!


Expected shortages of workers in 2018

  • Electromechanics and electricians
  • Mechanical engineers Butchers, fishmongers and related workers
  • Tailors, furriers and hats
  • Drivers of heavy trucks and lorries
  • Builders
  • Chefs

Professions with the highest demand in the municipality


  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Stock clerks
  • Accounting and bookkeeping clerks
  • Administrative and executive secretaries


  • Shop sales assistants
  • Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers
  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers
  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers

For more information about the most and least demanded professions in the municipality, please see the Occupations Map

Average salary in Lithuanian companies

The Sodra website publishes data on average salary paid by companies and compares the average salary of one company with that of other companies engaged in the same economic activity or operating in the same municipality. 

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Companies with the highest number of employees

  • Public Institution Panevėžys City Republican Hospital
  • PKC Group Lithuania, UAB
  • Panevėžio Keliai, AB
  • AQ Wiring Systems, UAB
  • Schmitz Cargobull Baltic, UAB 
  • Pieno Žvaigždės, AB branch Panevėžio Pienas
  • Panevėžio Energija, AB 
  • Multimedia, UAB
  • Montuotojas, AB Branch, an installation firm in Panevėžys
  • Norac, UAB

Employment Services

The Employment Service assists individuals in their employment by appointing an individual specialist to draw up employment operating plans, provide refresher courses, and send individuals to complete vocational training programs; individuals under the age of 29 are offered the programme ‘Discover Yourself’ and may also be eligible for start-up support; a subsidy service is provided to older people (where the state covers part of the salary paid by the employer).

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Employment Services Support for Mobility

Mobility support is the opportunity to receive travel reimbursement when travelling to work in another city. 
Travel expenses are reimbursed for up to 3 months from the start of employment or participation. 
The amount of compensation ranges between 25% and 33% of the minimum monthly amount (depending on salary). 
Distances to nearest cities:

  • Radviliškis:~60 KM
  • Anykščiai: ~60 KM
  • Pasvalys:~40 KM

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Panevėžys Labour Market Training Centre

Public Institution Panevėžys Labour Market Training Centre is a vocational training institution with a long and comprehensive training tradition. Training is provided through formal and non-formal vocational training programmes. The Centre trains: the unemployed at the request of the labour exchange; workers posted by employers; persons who have come to study at their own initiative. Individuals who complete vocational training programmes receive: state-recognised vocational training diplomas; state-recognised certificates; certificates in the form prescribed by the training centre.

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Panevėžys is an attractive and convenient city with strong industry. This is thanks to the efforts of not only the Municipality, but also the businesses and the community. The city has strong engineering industry companies that are working successfully towards automation, robotics, and mechatronics. The municipality has a Department of Urban Development whose main function is to assist businesses.

Professional help for anyone who dreams of starting their own business

Providing free information, advice to persons wishing to start a business.
For: all residents and small businesses

Contact: Panevėžys Business Advisory Centre, Kranto g. 25, Panevėžys,  

Buying of the exhibition space for SME's at Expo Aukštaitija

An enterprise is bought out a fitted 4 sq. m exhibition space. The aim is to encourage enterprises to increase their awareness, competitiveness, sales of products and services, and investments.
For: all types of enterprises registered in Panevėžys

Contact: Chief Specialist of the Division of Economics and Property Management of Panevėžys City Municipality (Laisvės a. 20, LT-35200, Panevėžys) Daina Pilkauskienė, 8 45 501 330, 

The information has been prepared according to the material provided by Enterprise Lithuania

Co-working Space Spiečius

Panevėžys has a co-working space Spiečius. This is a hub for start-up entrepreneurs who have business ideas, but for various reasons are unable or unwilling to invest heavily in office rent, equipment, etc. There are initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, free consulting by specialists from Enterprise Lithuania are provided.

Tax Benefits

Tax relief for legal entities sponsoring a cultural and/or sports project in Panevėžys City Municipality, real estate tax reduction/exemption for legal entities providing sponsorship (in cash) for cultural, artistic and sports activities related to Panevėžys City. The rules are designed to promote socially responsible businesses in Panevėžys, to strengthen public-private partnerships and to create good tax conditions for businesses to support public cultural, artistic and sports initiatives.
For: SMEs eligible for land and real estate tax relief. It is also for start-ups that create new jobs.
Contact; Chief Specialist of Panevėžys City Development Department Rita Servienė, tel.: (8 45) 50 13 31

Business promotion measures in Panevėžys: Business license fee for 43 activities reduced to EUR 1.

Panevėžys Mechatronics Centre

Public Institution Panevėžys Mechatronics Centre (PMC) was founded in 2002. PMC is the R&D leader in Panevėžys region. It specialises in electronics, electrical, automation, mechanics, mechatronics, programming, micro/nano technology. The development of innovative projects involves collaboration of not only higher education researchers, but also scientists from Panevėžys Mechatronics Centre with innovative microtechnology and materials science laboratories.

The Centre offers a wide range of services: IT, electronics and electrical, mechanical solutions. The body conducts research using specialised micro/nano technology equipment.

Panevėžys Science and Technology Park

Panevėžys Science and Technology Park (hereinafter referred to as the PSTP) is a public institution established to provide support to companies operating in applied research and experimental development, to support, commercialise the results of research carried out by scientific and research institutions, to promote the integration of business, science and studies and thus promote export, increase competitiveness of the country and build a knowledge-based economy. The institution can also perform the functions of a technology business incubator by allowing enterprises to lease premises and provide business management, other (information, consulting, training, accounting, etc.) services on favourable terms. The building is equipped with office space, conference rooms and meeting rooms. The total area of ​​the PSTP is 2,747 sq. m. The purpose of PSTP is to promote the creation and development of knowledge-intensive businesses and to function as a business incubator.

Norwegian Industrial Park in Panevėžys

The only Norwegian industrial park in Lithuania SCAN INVESTMENT in Panevėžys was established in 2000. Its founders—the Norwegian Industrial Development Corporation SIVA INTERNATIONAL AS and SCAN INDUSTRIER—appreciate the opportunity to settle in a region with their compatriots already developing their businesses. The Park is located in an industrial area of ​​Panevėžys with a well-developed infrastructure. The nature of business of SCAN INVESTMENT is renting, management and administration of production facilities.

Panevėžys Free Economic Zone

There is a Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Panevėžys, which is an area dedicated to economic-commercial and financial activities. The 47 ha area is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, a detailed plan has been prepared and the plots are divided into separate areas. The FEZ has clearly clarified its specialisation, constantly works with foreign markets, investors, presents the strengths of the city and the region. The FEZ already has 2 investors, i.e. Devold, UAB and an advertisement producer Spektrus EU, UAB. A third investor, the Norwegian furniture manufacturing company IMG Group AS, is currently setting up its operations in the FEZ and intends to launch this year.   

Norwegian businessmen representing foreign-owned companies founded the FIBAssocation, an association of foreign business investors. It seeks to create the best conditions for healthy business in Panevėžys and its region, encourages open communication between foreign investors, public institutions and the Municipality, and helps foreign entrepreneurs integrate into the local community.   

Panevėžys Business Consulting Centre

The Centre advises on business registration, planning and development; search for sources of financing; marketing; labour law; accounting, tax; and other business issues; prepares investment business plans and EU and national support projects. Conducts various market researches; regional operational projects, assists in the registration, reorganisation and deregistration of enterprises; administers EU projects. Organises seminars on accounting, occupational safety, fire safety, and entrepreneurship education.

For those considering investing in the municipality, see Invest Lithuania Panevėžys District Overview


General level of education

Average number of pupils in a class:

  • Grades 1–4  23 pupils
  • Grades 5-8  26 pupils
  • Grades 9–12, gymnasium grades I–IV  27 pupils

More on general education level

SME indicators above national average:

  • Lithuanian
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign languages
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History

Percentage of teachers holding highest qualification: 65 %

Percentage of pupils feeling good at school: 53 %

Olympiad prize winners per 10,000 pupils: 14.7 

Proportion of pupils who passed the state maturity examinations:

  • 3 and more SMEs 66 %
  • at least one SME 89 %

Ministry of Education and Science Quality Map

A map prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science showing the differences in educational achievements among different municipalities. The map shows pupils’ achievements in the Lithuanian language and mathematics, as well as the average number of pupils in a classroom, statistics on the general situation in Lithuania.

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Information on kindergartens

The link provides information on available places in the kindergartens of your choice and gives you the opportunity to apply for admission to the kindergarten. For convenience, all kindergartens in the city work in summer.

Educational institutions

The link provides a list of all educational institutions in Panevėžys (preschool, elementary schools, progymnasiums and gymnasiums). Once you have selected the stage you want, you will see the educational institution, its website and contact details if you would like to contact the institution directly.

Map of educational institutions

The map provides a list of all the educational institutions in Panevėžys. By selecting the desired institution, you will see its location in the city, will be provided with its website and contacts if you would like to contact the institution directly.

Panevėžys Schoolhouse

Established in 1992 by merging student leisure clubs, young tourist and tech stations. It is an institution of non-formal education, which enables children and young people to express and develop themselves in a meaningful way, and forms an active citizen in the cultural and social life of the society.

Panevėžys Technologies Training Centre

The first technologies training centre for schoolchildren in Lithuania, equipped with the latest technological equipment, which helps to get acquainted with the principles of electronics, allows to easily construct and control electronic and control devices, robots of various complexity. In many parts of the world, the problem of structural unemployment was addressed 10 years ago by setting up training centres of a similar profile, which helped to train the skills needed and reduce the unemployment rate.
This centre:

  1. Increases students’ interest in cutting-edge technology;
  2. Non-formal education educates students who are creative in technology and science;
  3. With the help of modern technological equipment students acquire practical knowledge of mechanics, electronics, smart technology and transport;
  4. Helps develop personal competencies such as analytical thinking, teamwork, etc.;
  5. Effectively ensures continuous training of highly qualified specialists for companies of Panevėžys region.

Robotics Competition Centre RoboLabas

RoboLabas, the largest robotics competition centre in Lithuania, is being built in Panevėžys. The purpose of the robotics competition centre to be set up at Mintis Gymnasium is to provide children with access to the latest technologies, develop creativity, critical thinking, teamwork skills and other necessary competencies. The classes will be open to children and pupils aged 6–18, and it is hoped that they will be attracted not only from the city of Panevėžys, but also from the whole region.

Vytautas Žemkalnis Gymnasium

Starting from the 1st September, a levelling mobile class, adapted for all non-Lithuanian speaking children, will be launched at Vytautas Žemkalnis Gymnasium. Children will be taught Lithuanian exclusively throughout the year, so that they can attend classes together with other pupils during next school year.

Alfonsas Lipniūnas Progymnasium in Panevėžys

Panevėžys Alfonsas Lipniūnas Progymnasium, like Vytautas Žemkalnis Gymnasium, is part of the network of schools that have experience working with or are ready to accept children returning from abroad. Depending on the skills and knowledge of returnees, an adapted curriculum may be applied and additional assistance provided to children who are less proficient in the Lithuanian language.


Youth Vocational Guidance Project

Panevėžys City Municipality is implementing a youth vocational guidance project, where senior students are encouraged to choose the professions needed by companies, while young pupils visit companies, get acquainted with their job specifics and perspectives.

Non-formal Children Education Basket

Every child who wants to spend their leisure in a meaningful way can find activities according to his or her hobbies, as there financing of after-school activities (from the Non-formal Children Education basket) based on the principle ‘money follows the child’. After-school activities in Panevėžys are very diverse. There are almost 50 non-formal children education providers in the city who offer about 100 sports, citizenship, foreign languages, art, nature and ecology, information technology education, technical creation and other programmes. Pupils who have chosen activities of municipal institutions are reimbursed EUR 10 per month; those who have selected priority direction programmes (technical creation, media, information technologies, entrepreneurship education, nature and ecology) are reimbursed EUR 17; other programs—EUR 13.

Social services

Social services provided by the municipality

The link contains the municipal social services and support. Services include access to child benefits, lump-sum benefits, support for school meals or supplies, public service discounts, and more.

Panevėžys Social Services Centre

A centre that provides a variety of social services or assistance, such as transportation, mediation or representation in institutions, home help for the elderly, day care, essentials and more.

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Free Legal Aid

Free legal advice, where you can get help and advice on drafting documents, obtaining out-of-court settlements, drafting arrangements with creditors, and more.

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Community Family Home

The Community Family Home in Panevėžys offers positive parenting training, family counselling groups for people in crisis situations, bereavement, etc., therapeutic activities for families with children with disabilities, behavioural and emotional disorders, support group for pregnant women, peer group for adolescents, mediation (conciliation in disputes) service. There are family clubs, weekend camps where one can listen to lectures, attend classes or just hang out with children. Parents involved in any activity need not look for a nanny, a grandmother, a neighbour or another person to take care of their children, as the little ones are supervised by a competent specialist

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Youth Day Centre

An institution for people with intellectual disabilities over the age of 18, providing day care, non-formal education and general social services.

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Useful initiatives

City Alumni

City Alumni is a social platform designed to bring together people from the same city, town or region to work together for their hometown. Its purpose is to connect people who have left their city, but are not indifferent to it, with their native community, and to encourage them to interact, create and work together.

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Global Panevėžys

The project is intended to bring together and connect the Panevėžys community from all over the world. It is an attractive communication platform for Panevėžys residents and expatriates. The website provides information on the benefits of living in Panevėžys, specifies favourable business conditions, tax benefits, introduces foreign investors in Panevėžys, and provides information on education, real estate, and leisure. Community members are invited to become ambassadors of Panevėžys and spread the good word about their home town abroad. Global Panevėžys members are invited to fill out a questionnaire that explains individual expectations. The group Globalūs Panevėžiečiai on Facebook invites to find out the most current news in Panevėžys, shares initiatives, organises campaigns and more.  

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Do you know or have an initiative or service that would benefit returning Lithuanians, incoming foreigners or compatriots living abroad? Let us know!


City Parks

  • Skaistakalnis Park for those who appreciate quiet walks, we can offer a park located among umbrageous limes and maples.
  • Culture and Recreation Park for families with children and those who prefer active recreation
  • Youth Garden is an excellent place for active recreation

For active leisure:

Panevėžys Bicycle Tracks

Wake park "WakePanevėžys"

In the Ekranas Lagoon, you can try the entertainment that is rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania - a water boarding track, go paddling or have fun, enjoying the dynamic views on the water

Horse riding:

Panevėžys Aeroclub
Flying School Žmogus Paukštis
Kayak Rental Pas Rapolą
Bicycle and Kayak Rental Smiltynės Sodyba
Kart Racing
Vaido Dažasvydis

Relaxed leisure:

Escape Room Panevėžys 
Escape Room Spruk Iš Rūsio
Panevėžys Centre of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Bowling and Billiards:

Things to see:

Old riverbed

In the background, there is a monument to the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Alexander. This is where Panevėžys road to the World begins. In the old riverbed of Nevėžis, there is a pond loved by swans and ducks. Through the trees tops on the other side of the river, the red masonry towers of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul extend into the sky. From the old riverbed, take the stairs to Krantas street. Number 21 marks the oldest building in the city, built in 1614. In the 17th–18th centuries it housed the Upytė County Land and Castle Court Archive. 

Puppet Wagon Theatre

Panevėžys is home to a unique puppet wagon theatre, the only one in Europe that moves from a playful theatre environment to a horse-drawn carriage in the summer, touring the most remote towns and villages. The little ones in the theatre find themselves in a fairy tale: wagon dolls and wheels on the walls, a sculpture by the famous fairy-tale creator H. K. Andersen in the yard. Children are eager to spend their leisure time here. In order to love theatre, one must get to know it. Therefore, pupils are invited to the educational programme ‘Actor–Puppeteer’.  

Exhibition Pavilion for Ceramic Symposium Works

The pavilion, connected with the main building of the Art Gallery by a glass corridor, presents visitors with a collection of contemporary ceramic works without analogues in the Baltic States. See the works of professional ceramic makers from four continents: Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Narrow Gauge Railway

‘Siaurukas’ is one of the most unique monuments of engineering heritage in Lithuania. It is an old train that visits the natural, historical and cultural monuments of Aukštaitija region, as well as to the transport engineering heritage. Travelling on a narrow gauge railway will provide indelible experiences for both children and adults.

Bistrampolis Manor

One of the most significant manors of the late 15th century in Northern Lithuania. The landlords had 2,000 books, a rich family archive and a collection of works of art. The new brick manor house was completed in 1850. The two-storeyed palace with an arcade and columns on the main facade is rectangular, designed diagonally in relation to the world’s axes, in classicistic style. To this day, 10 other buildings of the manor house ensemble have survived, the oldest of which date back to the 1820s. There is a large early 19th century park with 3 ponds and a cemetery surrounding it.


For more information see Panevėžys District Tourist Information Centre

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