Panevėžys District Municipality

Population: 35,444

In 2018: Entered: 1,495, Left: 1,580, Net (change): -85

Unemployment level (02/2019): 9.2%

VDU (2018 Q3) (after tax): EUR 592

LFMI (2019) Municipal Performance Index: 5-8 (out of 54 district municipalities)

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About Panevėžys District

Panevėžys District is an agricultural district. The priority agricultural activities are the cultivation of cereals and rapeseed. The area is suitable for growing wheat, barley, potatoes, fruits, berries, raising pig and dairy farming. It is recommended to develop alternative activities, such as organic farming, forestry and wood processing industry, biofuel production and bioenergy, catering and other recreational services.

334 is how many non-formal children’s education programmes are currently offered to children by schools, cultural centres, libraries and freelance teachers. 2,450 children and young people are already involved in projects and activities.

The estimated cost of a business license in Panevėžys District for all types of businesses is EUR 1.

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Expected shortages of workers in 2019

  • Electrical mechanics and fitters
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers
  • Metal working machine tool setters and operators

Professions with the highest demand in the municipality


  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Stock clerks
  • Accounting and bookkeeping clerks
  • Social work and counselling professionals


  • House builders
  • Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers
  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers
  • Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers

For more information about the most and least demanded professions in the municipality, please see the Occupations Map

Average salary in Lithuanian companies

The Sodra website publishes data on average salary paid by companies and compares the average salary of one company with that of other companies engaged in the same economic activity or operating in the same municipality. 

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Companies with the highest number of employees

  • Dominari, UAB
  • Elitėja, UAB
  • Rauguvos Baldai Ir KO, UAB
  • Jonainiai Social Care Home
  • Siramis, UAB
  • Panevėžys District 
  • Panevėžys District Social Services Centre 
  • Panevėžys District Jotainiai, ŽŪB
  • Idavang Pasodėlė, UAB
  • Dominari Medis, UAB

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Employment Services

The Employment Service assists individuals in their employment by appointing an individual specialist to draw up employment operating plans, provide refresher courses, and send individuals to complete vocational training programs; individuals under the age of 29 are offered the programme ‘Discover Yourself’ and may also be eligible for start-up support; a subsidy service is provided to older people (where the state covers part of the salary paid by the employer).

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Employment Services Support for Mobility

Mobility support is the opportunity to receive travel reimbursement when travelling to work in another city.
Travel expenses are reimbursed for up to 3 months from the start of employment or participation.
The amount of compensation ranges between 25% and 33% of the minimum monthly amount (depending on salary).
Distances to nearest cities:

  • Radviliškis:~60 KM
  • Anykščiai: ~60 KM
  • Pasvalys:~40 KM

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SME support by Panevėžys District Municipality

An enterprise is compensated for the interest on the loan taken for business development. Interest compensation may be executed for a maximum of two years from the conclusion of the contract(s) with the Municipality Administration. The maximum amount of support is EUR 1,000.

An enterprise has 50% of the costs of training staff, consulting, organising qualification, refresher or retraining courses, seminars in the Republic of Lithuania covered. The maximum amount of support is EUR 600 per calendar year.

The enterprise has the costs of participation in fairs, exhibitions and other events covered. The maximum amount of support per calendar year is EUR 1,600, of which EUR 600 for fairs, exhibitions and other events organised in the Republic of Lithuania and EUR 1,000 for fairs, exhibitions and other events organised outside the Republic of Lithuania.

The costs of setting up a business are also covered. The maximum amount of support is EUR 120.
For: Enterprises having their registered office in Panevėžys District and having at least 20% of its employees declared their place of residence in Panevėžys District.
Contact: Panevėžys District Municipality (Vasario 16-osios g. 27 LT-35185, Panevėžys), Chief Specialist of Economics and Property Management Division Lina Gaidytė, tel.: (8 45) 58 29 56, email: 

The information has been prepared according to the material provided by Enterprise Lithuania

Panevėžys Business Consulting Centre

The main mission of the centre is to increase the competitiveness of Panevėžys District by promoting public entrepreneurship, business development and employment growth. To seek the socio-economic development of Panevėžys and other districts of Lithuania by providing high-quality services that meet market needs. The Centre advises on business registration, planning and development; search for sources of financing; marketing; labour law; accounting, tax; and other business issues. Prepares investment business plans and EU and national support projects. Conducts various market researches; regional operational projects, assists in the registration, reorganisation and deregistration of enterprises; administers EU projects. Organises seminars on accounting, occupational safety, fire safety, and entrepreneurship education.


General level of education

Average number of pupils in a class:

  • Grades 1-4  17 pupils
  • Grades 5-8  17 pupils
  • Grades 9–12, gymnasium grades I–IV  25 pupils

More on general education level

Proportion of pupils who passed the state maturity examinations:

  • 3 and more SMEs 52 %
  • at least one SME 93 %

Percentage of teachers holding highest qualification: 39 %

Percentage of pupils feeling good at school: 50 %

Olympiad prize winners per 10,000 pupils: 3.2 

Ministry of Education and Science Quality Map

A map prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science showing the differences in educational achievements among different municipalities. The map shows pupils’ achievements in the Lithuanian language and mathematics, as well as the average number of pupils in a classroom, statistics on the general situation in Lithuania.

The map can be found here

Educational institutions

The link provides a list of all educational institutions in Panevėžys (preschool, elementary schools, progymnasiums and gymnasiums). Once you have selected the stage you want, you will see the educational institution, its website and contact details if you would like to contact the institution directly.

The list of educational institutions can be found here

Social services

Social Services

The link contains the municipal social services and support. Services include access to child benefits, lump-sum benefits, support for school meals or supplies, public service discounts, and more.

Institutions Providing Social Services

The link provided contains a list of institutions providing social services in Panevėžys District, their names, websites and contacts. 

Free Legal Aid

Free legal advice, where you can get help and advice on drafting documents, obtaining out-of-court settlements, drafting arrangements with creditors, and more.

Subsidy for First Home

Young families in Panevėžys District Municipality can apply for housing support. The following subsidies are offered to young families: 15% with no children; 20% with one child; 25% with two children; 30% for families with 3 or more children. A young family is one where both spouses or single father or mother are up to 35 years old. Basic steps on how to apply for support is provided in the link.

Useful initiatives

Global Panevėžys District

Global Regions is an initiative that seeks to extend the borders of Lithuania by integrating expatriated Lithuanians into the life of their home town and city, providing an opportunity to contribute to the economic well-being of the municipality and to promote the region’s potential. 


For active leisure:

Panevėžys Bicycle Tracks

Horse riding:

Panevėžys Aeroclub
Flying School Žmogus Paukštis
Kayak Rental Pas Rapolą
Bicycle and Kayak Rental Smiltynės Sodyba
Kart Racing
Vaido Dažasvydis

Relaxed leisure:

Escape Room Panevėžys 
Escape Room Spruk Iš Rūsio
Panevėžys Centre of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Bowling and Billiards:

City Parks

  • Skaistakalnis Park for those who appreciate quiet walks
  • Culture and Recreation Park for families with children and those who prefer active recreation
  • Youth Garden is an excellent place for active recreation


Things to see:

Narrow Gauge Railway

‘Siaurukas’ is one of the most unique monuments of engineering heritage in Lithuania. It is an old train that visits the natural, historical and cultural monuments of Aukštaitija region, as well as to the transport engineering heritage. Travelling on a narrow gauge railway will provide indelible experiences for both children and adults.

Bistrampolis Manor

One of the most significant manors of the late 15th century in Northern Lithuania. The landlords had 2,000 books, a rich family archive and a collection of works of art. The new brick manor house was completed in 1850. The two-storeyed palace with an arcade and columns on the main facade is rectangular, designed diagonally in relation to the world’s axes, in classicistic style. To this day, 10 other buildings of the manor house ensemble have survived, the oldest of which date back to the 1820s. There is a large early 19th century park with 3 ponds and a cemetery surrounding it.

Krekenava Regional Park

For more information see Panevėžys District Tourist Information Centre

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