Vilnius City Municipality

Population: 551,879 

In 2018: Entered: 17,684, Left: 14,219, Net (change): 3,465 

Unemployment level(02/2019): 7.4% 

VDU (2018 Q3) (after tax): EUR 819 

Average apartment price per 1m2 (03/2019): EUR 2,025 

LFMI(2019)Municipal Performance Index: 1 (out of 6 city municipalities) 

Alytus District MunicipalityKaunas District MunicipalityKlaipėda District MunicipalityPanevėžys District MunicipalityŠiauliai District MunicipalityVilnius District Municipality

About Vilnius City 

Children coming to Vilnius or returning from abroad are offered a wide range of opportunities to integrate or continue their studies: there is a Vilnius Lithuanian Home (designed to help children integrate in a new environment, learn Lithuanian and become acquainted with Lithuanian culture and history; education and life in school is free); access to international education is provided by Vilnius Lyceum, Vilnius International School and American International School; French can be studied at Vilnius International French Lyceum; the city also has various language schools and courses for individuals wishing to take courses in Lithuanian or another language. 

There are several initiatives aimed at the integration of foreigners in the municipality: persons coming to work in Vilnius are provided with personalised entry information via ‘Vilnius Relocation Guide’ and ‘Go Vilnius’; various integration services for third-country nationals are provided by Caritas and the ‘Plus’ Centre. 

Many foreign companies have been attracted to Vilnius in recent years, such as: Adform, Alliance for recruitment, Barclays, Booking, Cgtrader, Thermo Fisher, Uber, Western Union, TransferGo, Cognizant, COWI, Cujoai, Danske Bank, Deloitte, Devbridge Group, Euromonitor International, Intrum and others that create hundreds of jobs and contribute to the well-being of not only the city, but also the state. 


Expected shortages of workers in 2019

  • Bus and tram drivers 
  • Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers 
  • Upholsterers and related workers 
  • Electrical engineering technicians 
  • Road and building construction labourers 

Professions with the highest demand in the municipality


  • Advertising and marketing professionals 
  • Administrative and executive secretaries 
  • Mechanical engineers 
  • Environmental and occupational health and hygiene professionals 
  • Secondary education teachers 
  • Applications programmers  


  • Shop sales assistants 
  • Cooks 
  • Plumbers and pipe fitters 
  • Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters 
  • Sweepers and related labourers 
  • Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers 

For more information about the most and least demanded professions in the municipality, please see the Occupations Map 

Average salary in Lithuanian companies

The Sodra website publishes data on average salary paid by companies and compares the average salary of one company with that of other companies engaged in the same economic activity or operating in the same municipality. 

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Companies with the highest number of employees

Maxima LT, UAB 
Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, AB 
Palink, UAB 
PI Vilnius University Hospital Santara Clinics 
Lietuvos Paštas, AB 
Vilnius University 
Norfos Mažmena, UAB 
Rimi Lietuva, UAB 
Danske Bank A/S Lithuanian Branch 

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Employment Services

The Employment Service assists individuals in their employment by appointing an individual specialist to draw up employment operating plans, provide refresher courses, and send individuals to complete vocational training programs; individuals under the age of 29 are offered the programme ‘Discover Yourself’ and may also be eligible for start-up support; a subsidy service is provided to older people (where the state covers part of the salary paid by the employer). 

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Employment Services Support for Mobility

Mobility support is the opportunity to receive travel reimbursement when travelling to work in another city.  
Travel expenses are reimbursed for up to 3 months from the start of employment or participation.  
The amount of compensation ranges between 25% and 33% of the minimum monthly amount (depending on salary).  
Distances to nearest cities: 

  • Ukmergė: ~72 KM 
  • Elektrėnai: ~ 50 KM 
  • Šalčininkai: ~ 50KM 

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Park Town Business center

Park Town is one of the most advanced Class A offices in Europe. The premises can be adapted to different needs, with a choice of over 22,000 m2. 

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Vilnius Business Park

Vilnius Business Park is being developed in the northern part of Vilnius, near the main transport arteries. The strategically convenient location of the business park allows quick and convenient access not only to the city centre of Vilnius, but also to objects located in the directions of Kaunas–Klaipėda and Panevėžys–Riga. Vilnius Business Park is intended for companies looking for administrative, industrial or logistics premises ranging from 1,000 m2 to 50,000 m2.  

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Technology Park Northtown

The Park brings together investors in innovation activities in its area to create the conditions to drive the growth of innovative businesses by reducing the cost of developing and commercialising new products, leveraging the opportunities provided by resources needed to innovate, the value chain, science and business clusters. The Park aims to strengthen the innovation system to attract foreign investors and increase the competitiveness of the country’s high-tech companies by developing infrastructure and communications. 

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Sunrise Valley Science & Technology Park

Sunrise Valley Science & Technology Park is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003. The Park has a long tradition of developing entrepreneurship, fostering business-science collaboration, providing infrastructure and other innovation support services to young innovative businesses and other knowledge-intensive businesses. The Park operates in the largest study and science infrastructure in Lithuania in the Sunrise Valley, with the strongest universities in the country, which have 15,000 students, 5,000 scientists, open access centres and a Biotechnology Business Incubator.  

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Institute of Physics Science and Technology Park

Public institution Institute of Physics Science and Technology Park is a non-profit organisation active in the fields of physical and technological sciences, innovation, knowledge society, research, science, studies and business cooperation. The goal of the Park is to provide support to companies operating in applied research and experimental development, to commercialise the results of research carried out by scientific and research institutions, to promote the integration of business, science and studies in the field of physical and technological sciences, thus promoting export, increasing competitiveness of the country and building a knowledge-based economy. The Park allows companies to lease premises and provide business management, information, consulting, training, accounting and other services on favourable terms. The Park participates in the development of science and research centres and collaborative (open access) research and development infrastructure. The Park is also a member ofLaser and Engineering Technology Cluster LITEK.  

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Co-working spaces in Vilnius:


General level of education

Average number of pupils in a class:

  • Grades 1–4  22 pupils
  • Grades 5-8  24 pupils
  • Grades 9-12, gymnasium grades I-IV  24 pupils

More on general education level

SME indicators above national average:

  • IT
  • Lithuanian
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign languages
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History

Percentage of teachers holding highest qualification: 30%

Percentage of pupils feeling good at school: 52%

Olympiad prize winners per 10,000 pupils: 21.2

Proportion of pupils who passed the state maturity examinations:

·       3 and more SMEs 67%

·       at least one SME 88%

Ministry of Education and Science Quality Map

A map prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science showing the differences in educational achievements among different municipalities. The map shows pupils’ achievements in the Lithuanian language and mathematics, as well as the average number of pupils in a classroom, statistics on the general situation in Lithuania.

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Information on kindergartens

The link provides information on available places in the kindergartens of your choice and gives you the opportunity to apply for admission to the kindergarten.

Information on schools

The link provides information on vacancies in the school of your choice and gives you the opportunity to apply for admission to the school.

School map

The link provides a list of all public schools in Vilnius City. Once you have selected an institution, you will be presented with its name, address, language of instruction and type of school. 

Information on Non-formal Education for Pupils

This website provides relevant information on various activities for children and young people in Vilnius. It also provides information on events and volunteering. 

Distance learning at Ozas Gymnasium

The Ozas Gymnasium offers adults and children the opportunity to learn all subjects in grades 1–8 and gymnasium grades I–IV via distance learning. All citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and persons of Lithuanian origin can study. After completing the course, students receive state-recognised education certificates. After returning to Lithuania, students continue their education in their district and city schools without exclusion or compulsory examination. 

Vilnius Lyceum

Vilnius Lyceum provides an opportunity for 11–12th grade students to study English and participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

Vilnius International School

2004 Vilnius International School was founded by a group of parents and educators from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and the United States, each seeking an educational experience for their children different from that at the time in Vilnius. They provided a school that reflects the values ​​of a democratic and multicultural society, while respecting Lithuanian culture and traditions. The school is located in the Old Town of Vilnius. Students learn in English and can also study under the International Baccalaureate Programme

American International School

Founded in 1993 as one of the first international schools in Vilnius, it is part of a worldwide network of schools. The aim of the school is to enable children of diplomats, businessmen and families residing in Lithuania to study English within the framework of a formal education programme, which ensures the continuity of the curriculum when travelling from one country to another. AISV is accredited by two international organizations (CIS and MSA), and is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) World School Network and, from the 2013–2014 academic year, students in grades 11–12 can study under the IB Diploma Programme.  

Vilnius International French Lyceum

The purpose of the school is to serve the public. Lycée International Français de Vilnius (LIFV) is part of the AEFE (Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger) network, which is overseen by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and pays special attention to learning in the French educational model. It is taught in French, and English and Lithuanian are also taught. 

Language schools

There is an opportunity to study in language schools in Vilnius. It is possible to study both in groups and individually. The language courses offered and their prices can be obtained from the schools themselves. 

Lithuanian Language Courses at VU

The Department of Lithuanian Studies At Vilnius University offers foreigners Lithuanian language courses of various duration and cost. 

Vilnius Lithuanians’ House

Many Lithuanian families living abroad choose Vilnius Lithuanians’ House for their children. It is a gymnasium established by the Ministry of Education and Science, providing primary, comprehensive and secondary education programmes. Its purpose is the general education of deportees of Lithuanian descent, descendants of political prisoners, foreigners and Lithuanian citizens residing in or returning to Lithuania, residing abroad. Education, living and meals in the dormitories are free and funded by the state.

Vilnius Alexander Pushkin Gymnasium

Vilnius Alexander Pushkin Gymnasium is part of a network of schools that can accept children of Lithuanians returning to Lithuania. The school’s experience in teaching children who need to improve their knowledge of the Lithuanian language is an opportunity to create special classes where the children learn additional or only Lithuanian.

Medardas Čobotas Third Age University

Medardas Čobotas Third Age University is an independent, voluntary non-governmental organisation, an institution for non-formal adult education that ensures the integration of older people into the society. There are more than 10 faculties to choose from.

Social services

Social services and benefits provided by the municipality

The link contains the municipal social services, support and application forms. Services include access to child benefits, lump-sum benefits, support for school meals or supplies, public service discounts, and more.

Complex family services

Vilnius City Municipality welcomes families facing various challenges and difficulties in their daily lives, such as experiencing bereavement, divorce, illness, etc., parents experiencing parenting difficulties, raising disabled children, pregnant women, families caring for loved ones at home, people who have problems with drugs or other psychotropic substances, gambling addicts, etc.

Vilnius City Social Support Centre

The Vilnius City Social Assistance Centre provides social assistance to residents of Vilnius who are unable to take care of their personal (family) life independently and who need assistance in meeting their immediate needs and solving social problems.

Free Legal Aid

Vilnius University Law Clinic has been providing free legal aid since 1998, and from 2018 onwards provides state-guaranteed primary legal aid. The Clinic provides advice by senior students of the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. The quality of the services is ensured by the mentors of the practice groups, i.e. professional lawyers, attorneys, and researchers of the Faculty of Law.

Useful initiatives

Vilnius Relocation Guide

Thanks to the website and a short questionnaire, those coming to Vilnius will be provided with personalised relocation information. The Relocation Guide is based on the experience of people who have already moved to Vilnius. 

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City Alumni

City Alumni is a social platform designed to bring together people from the same city, town or region to work together for their hometown. Its purpose is to connect people who have left their city, but are not indifferent to it, with their native community, and to encourage them to interact, create and work together.

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Day Centre ‘House of Cultures’ of the Caritas of Vilnius Archdiocese

The aim of the centre is to create a welcoming environment for refugees, migrants and third-country nationals. Efforts are being made to provide them with all the help and ensure they meet with local communities. The centre organises educational and training activities for children and adults, as well as provides social, legal and psychological counselling. The day centre allows the use of computers, internet, and library, taking courses in Lithuanian, English and German. A team of volunteers at the centre helps build social relationships with local communities. Foreigners are also invited to take part in various organised activities, such as events, training, camps, various initiatives, etc. 

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Social Educational Initiatives Centre PLUS

The Centre organises cultural events for foreigners, offers Lithuanian language courses, provides legal advice and facilitates the integration of foreigners into Lithuanian society.

Do you know or have an initiative or service that would benefit returning Lithuanians, incoming foreigners or compatriots living abroad? Let us know!


For active leisure: 


Ice Skating 



Horse riding 

Uno Park 
Belmontas Park 
Trampoline Park Skypark 
Liepkalnis Summer Theme Park 
Adventure Polygon Madmotors 
Water Park Vichy 

Outdoor Tennis: 

Table Tennis 

Relaxed leisure: 


  • Balžis I Beach 
  • Balžis II Beach 
  • Salotė Beach 
  • Valakampiai I Beach 
  • Valakampiai II Beach 
  • Žaliėji Ežerai Beach 
  • Žirmūnai Beach 
  • Tapeliai I Beach 
  • Tapeliai II Beach 

Theatre, cinema, music 

The link provides places where various cultural events, concerts, performances and other activities are organised, which the city residents and its guests can visit all year round. 

Hot Air Balloon Flights 
Vilnius Parks 


Things to see: 

Vilnius Planetarium 

The only specialised astronomy and science information centre in Lithuania, with its dome-shaped Star Hall with projection equipment displaying starry skies and phenomena occurring in various locations on Earth. Planetarium has been operating in Vilnius for 56 years (established in 1962). 

Palace of the Grand Dukes  
Gediminas Castle Tower and Lithuanian National Museum 
Gates of Dawn 
St. Anne’s Church 
The Republic of Užupis 
Three Crosses Monument 
TV Tower 
Panoramas of Vilnius 

The link provides places from which you can admire the panoramas of the Lithuanian capital 

For more information see Vilnius District Tourist Information Centre 

Information on leisure in Vilnius 

The link provided contains information on leisure in the Lithuanian capital. Click on the link to select the category you are interested in and find the entertainment you want. 

Recommended apps for Vilnius tourists 

Use the link below to find useful apps to help you get to know the city and its attractions. 

Miesto Žirafos 
Miesto Žirafos is an online portal and mobile app about the cultural life and entertainment of Lithuanian cities. Their purpose is to provide users with information about ongoing events and entertainment as conveniently as possible. Here everyone will find a concise and clear summary of the most relevant and interesting events and recommendations for events. 

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