Registering a child born abroad

The legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania state that the birth of a child born in a foreign country, when both his or her parents (or one of them) are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, shall be entered in the register of civil registry offices of the Republic of Lithuania. Birth is recorded regardless of the child's nationality.

If you wish to register your child with the Lithuanian Civil Registry Office you have to submit following documents:

  1. Application to register a child born abroad;
  2. Your personal identification document (passport/ID);
  3. Birth certificate issued by a foreign state. This document must be legalized or certified by Apostille and translated into the Lithuanian language, except for cases where a document does not need to be legalized or apostilled under treaties of the Republic of Lithuania or EU legal acts. More information on legalization of documents.
  4. If one of the parents is non-Lithuanian, a copy of his/her personal identification document must also be provided. 

Documents can be submitted:

  • In person at the Lithuanian Civil Registry Office  (Civilinės metrikacijos įstaiga);
  • In your country of residence, to a diplomatic representative office of the Republic of Lithuania that will transfer documents to Civil Registry Office;
  • Using  SE Center of Registers website and being able to personally or through an authorized person collect required documents in Lithuania, in Civil Registry Office, where the documents were submitted. You will need to log in using your e-signature in Lithuania.

More information about the registration of children born abroad can be found on the Civil Registry Office in Vilnius website (in Lithuanian).

Source: Civil Registry Office

Information updated: 2022-12-19

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