Social security

Arrival Allowance

In order to attract highly qualified professionals to Lithuania and to compensate them at least partially for the costs of returning/moving from abroad, th...

Old-age pensions

How many years of work experience should I have in order to receive an old-age pension? How to aggregate my foreign periods of employment? How old-age pension is calculated?

Unemployment benefits

Who is eligible for unemployment benefit? Will I receive the benefit if I come back from abroad? What is the size of the benefit?  

Child benefits

Information regarding benefits related to child birth and care

Financial assistance

The social assistance system consists of two parts: Social allowances – financial assistance to disadvantaged residents (family allowances, social allowan...

Sick pay

Who and when  can receive a sick pay? What is the size of the it? What to do if I got sick?

EU forms for social security rights

Which EU form is applicable for unemployment benefit in Lithuania? What documents do I need if I come to Lithuania to give a birth? Which kind of form should a foreign pensioner have?
Information updated: 2018-10-09

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Toll-free numbers:

Calling from outside Lithuania (regular rate):