Vilgailė Striužaitė

IT Business Consultant

It all started when recently graduated young woman decided to spread her wings: “it was a time for me, when I needed to move away.” Vilgailė clearly remembers the very first moment...
Marijus Kavaliauskas

Hair stylist working in Vilnius

Marijus, who works as a hair stylist in Vilnius, tells us that his decision to go abroad was influenced by the difficult divorce after which, he thought that the best way to leave ...
Laurynas Boguševičius

Founder of Deals on Wheels LT

“Events in my personal life has led me to a decision to leave. I left just to see, how does the life look like while being abroad – different culture, working elsewhere. Original p...
Indrė Anskaitytė


"It is worth going abroad not only because you start to understand other cultures better, but also because in those cultures you understand yourself better", - says journalist Indr...
Rokas Grajauskas


After spending several years in England, Netherlands, Belgium and Taiwan, economist Rokas Grajauskas came back to Lithuania in order to help out during the Lithuanian Presidency  o...
Dainius Šileika

Soldier - volunteer, author

Dainius Šileika - a third generation immigrant. His grandparents left Lithuania during the Second World War. Born and raised in Canada, after serveing in the Canadian armed forces,...
Dovydas Kaminskas

Adviser to the mayor of Tauragė

After finishing a Backelor's degree in law in Mykolas Romeris university, Dovydas Kaminskas decided that in order to further his career perspectives he should continue his studies ...
Chordana Gonsales – Jonkus

Spanish lecturer

At the very dawn of Lithuanian independence, Costa Rican Chordana along with her husband moved to live to Lithuania. Up to this day she has never felt regret for this decision. The...
Cedric Raffier

Founder "Vilnius Social Club" football school

When he arrived to Lithuania from France eight years ago, Cedric didn't know anything about our country. Now he's a founder of a football school for children from disadvantaged fam...
Julius Paplauskas

Lecturer and businessman

Julius Paplauskas went to the United Kingdom to study and dreamt about a job at a bank in London, a luxurious apartment and car, a comfortable life. But slowly he realized, that he...
Polina Tikunova


Three years ago Polina Tikunova moved to Lithuania from Estonia. She claims that in order to successfully integrate into Lithuanian society, one has to speak Lithuanian. „Lithuania...
Lina Berg

Building information modeling specialist

Lina Berg went to study to Aalborg's Management and Informatics University in Denmark.  After seven years of studies and work in Denmark and one year spent in England, Lina, along ...
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