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A comprehensive and user-friendly information about when and how to register your car in Lithuania can be found on "Regitra" video.  

Only permanent residents who have declared their place of residency in Lithuania can register a vehicle. Foreigners who want to register their car in Lithuania, can do so only after they get a residence permit, personal number (asmens kodas) and declare their place of residency.

Vehicles registered in non-EU countries can be used in Lithuania for up to 90 days, and citizens of foreign states must register vehicles from outside the EU within 30 days from the day they receive the residence permit and declare the place of residency 

To register a car that was imported from abroad you need to take following steps:

  1. If the vehicle was purchased before 1 May 2021, but was not registered in Lithuania, then its owner has to apply to "Regitra" and get the SDK code.
  2. Pass a Roadworthiness Test (techninė apžiūra). Click HERE for the list of companies that provide roadworthiness test services.
  3. Obtain Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance.
  4. If your car was previously registered in a non-EU/EEA country  you will have to get a Certificate of Conformity.  The assessment document will need to be submitted at "Regitra". Click HERE for the list of expertise companies that specialise in conformity assessment.

A registration certificate and new registration number plates will be issued at "Regitra" branch, or the number plates designated for your previously registered vehicle can be assigned.

If you are planning to purchase a car already registered in Lithuania, then verify to find out if no restrictions are imposed on it, for example, whether or not the car is seized or pledged. After entering the vehicle data, you will see its detailed description and restrictions imposed on it. Click HERE to verify.

May I drive a car with foreign registration plates?

  • If your car has been previously registered in another EU/EEA country: If you change your country of residence to Lithuania , you have 6 months to re-register a vehicle previously registered in another EU country – measured from the date you started to use the vehicle on national roads. Actually, no clear control mechanism has been set up yet, as you can cross the border without any record being kept.
  • If your car has been previously registered in other countries: You have to register it in Lithuania if you spend here more than 90 days/year. You should register your car within 30 days from the day you receive your residence permit and register place of residency.

May I drive a right-hand drive vehicle in Lithuania?

Yes, you may. However, in order to register the motor vehicle of such type within the Republic of Lithuania, the owner must equip the motor vehicle with an indirect monitoring equipment and procure a conformity expertise attesting the proper installation of such equipment.

The requirements applicable to the aforementioned equipment are established by the Lithuanian transport safety administration. The aforementioned requirements can be found at the following LINK. Please contact the technical inspection companies operating within the Republic of Lithuania for the receipt of the conformity expertise.

What is SDK code?

The SDK is a unique vehicle owner declaration code consisting of 8 letters. The code is required to be possessed for all vehicles present in the country, which are owned by Lithuanian residents or companies. The new code is also generated each time the owner of the vehicle changes. It is important to know that the SDK is required to be possessed not only in order to register but also to sell a vehicle. 

Where to get insurance? 

All vehicles registered in Lithuania must be covered by a motor third party liability insurance. You can insure your vehicle with the following insurance companies or other insurers of your choice:  Lietuvos draudimas, BTA, Gjensidige, CompensaERGO etc.

If you do not have your own vehicle and would like to rent a car, you can choose the services of the following companies: CityBee, Solorent, TopRent, Green Motion, etc.

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Source: Regitra

Information updated: 2022-12-20

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