Foreigners in Lithuania

The number of foreigners in Lithuania is constantly rising: In 2018, the number of foreigners living in Lithuania with a residence permit, was around 58 thousand. The clear majority are non-European citizens: 29 % Ukrainians, 21 % Russians, 21 % Belorussians. 57 % of foreigners have a temporary residence permit (issued for 1 or 2 years). EU citizens and their family members make around 11 % of foreigners in Lithuania (the majority comes from Latvia, Poland, Germany). Most of the foreigners came to Lithuania to work, for reasons of family reunification or to study.  


What are the types of visas? Who needs a visa to come to Lithuania? 

Documents based on arrival intentions

Which document can a foreigner get if s/he comes to reunite with a family member? To work? To study? Is of Lithuanian descent? 

Residence permits for Third country nationals

What is the difference between a temporary residence permit and a permanent residence permit?

Residence permits for EU citizens

Which document can an EU citizen get if s/he arrives to reunite with his family member? Is an employee or self-employed? Came to study? Has enough funds? 

Work in Lithuania

How to find a job in Lithuania? How to obtain a work permit obligatory? How long does the whole procedure take? Which document will s/he get? 

Getting married in Lithuania

Which documents do I need to submit if I want to get married in Lithuania? Can I apply online?

International House Vilnius

International House Vilnius is a joint initiative of Go Vilnius, the city’s official tourism and business development agency, and Work in Lithuania, a tale...

Driving in Lithuania

Who can drive in Lithuania? How to get a drivers license? How to registrate a vehicle and what kind of documents are required? 

Foreigners integration

Where can I learn Lithuanian? Are there any Lithuanian lessons online?

Foreign societies in Lithuania

Which foreigners societies are active in Lithuania? Who is responsible for foreigners integration? Which services can a foreigner get?  
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