Schengen visa

Foreigners who want to come to Lithuania for short-term purposes must have a Schengen visa, except those cases when a visa-free regime is applied. You can find out if a foreigner needs a visa to enter Lithuania on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

Schengen visa can be single-entry, double-entry and multiple entries. A foreigner can be issued Schengen limited territorial validity visa.

A foreigner who owns a Schengen airport transit visa (A) is entitled to stay in the transit area of an international airport of the Republic of Lithuania, intended for reaching another state, during a stopover or change of an aircraft. 

A foreigner who holds a Schengen short-stay visa (C), may travel on transit through the Republic of Lithuania or other Schengen states or enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in it a period not exceeding 3 months in half a year, counting from the first day from the entry into the Republic of Lithuania or other Schengen state. Calculator.

More information about the Schengen visas you can find here.

A foreigner who wants to obtain the Schengen visa (C) can submit an invitation. Invitation is a document certifying the obligation of a natural person or a legal entity of the Republic of Lithuania to see to it that a foreigner who is arriving in Lithuania should be adequately accommodated during his stay in the country, if he has a visa and that the expenses of the foreigner’s return to a foreign country or the country of his origin should be covered. The invitation might facilitate the process of obtaining the visa and reduce the amount of money a foreigner who wants to arrive in Lithuania must possess. When a Schengen visa is issued on the grounds of invitation, the amount of money required is 20 Eur/day, while in all other cases - 40 Eur/day. Invitations are submitted online through the system of the Department of Migration. Both natural and legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania can submit an invitation.  More information on invitation letters.

In order to get Schengen visa a foreigner must pay 80 Euros consular fee (for children from 6 to 12 years – 40 Euros) for admission and review of the visa documents and submit:

  1. A valid travel document. Its validity shall extend at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen Member States. A travel document shall contain at least two blank pages and it shall have been issued within the previous ten years;
  2. A completed and signed application form;
  3. A colour photo corresponding to the age of an applicant;
  4. A valid medical insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and a document proving the possession of valid medical insurance;
  5. Documents indicating the purpose of the journey;
  6. Documents in relation to accommodation, or proof of sufficient means to cover his accommodation;
  7. Documents indicating that the applicant possesses sufficient means of subsistence (EUR 40 per day/20 Euros if a foreigner is arriving on the basis of an invitation letter), both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to his country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which he is certain to be admitted. This requirement does not apply to a minor foreigner who is going together with an adult family member;
  8. Information enabling an assessment of the applicant's intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for.

State takes fingerprints of the foreigners applying for visa.

Visas are issued in Diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania abroad or Diplomatic missions and consular posts of other Schengen countries, which represent Lithuania. In that case Diplomatic missions and consular posts, which represent Lithuania, can accept visa applications and issue Schengen visas only to the nationals of the country of residence, living in their country and citizens of the third states, who have a residence permit of this state.

How long will it take to process visa application?

Schengen visas are issued within 15 calendar days (this period can be extended up to 30 calendar days, and on an exceptional basis – up to 60 calendar days) from the day of submitting an application.

General information about the short-stay Schengen visas (C) can be found on the website of the Department of Migration.

Source: Migration department

Information updated: 2024-05-29

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